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Sustainable Travel Experiences In Australia's Biggest Cities


With a recently increased focus on the fight against climate change, and travellers wanting to make their travels more environmentally friendly, Australia is filled with regenerative, sustainable, and conscious travel experiences. From popular eateries focusing on farm-to-table sourcing practices and cultural experiences led by the indigenous to heading off grid and outback to help regenerate local flora and fauna, keep reading to find out about some of the best sustainable travel experiences in Australia's big cities and their surrounds.

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Melbourne is home to the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. One of the world's leading botanic gardens and a significant site for the local Kulin Nation to take an Aboriginal Heritage Walk. Experience this walk led by an indigenous guide to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal customs, as well as traditional uses of native plants for food, tools, and medicine.

If you have more time on your hands, head out of the city and enjoy a 2-3 say Echidna Walk About Nature Tour in the Great Western Plains, planting trees as you go to support the recovery of koalas affected by Australian bushfires.

Futurefoodsystem is a self-sustaining, zero waste, production house that exemplifies the potential of our homes to provide shelter, produce food and generate energy. futurefoodsystem will cultivate over 250 different species of plants, fungus, insects, snails, fish, freshwater, mussels, crustaceans, and even two chicken residents. The focus of this location is to produce nutrient-dense food in a self-generating way that showcases a food system that is both better for our bodies, and the planet.


Experience Walter McGuire's Go Cultural Tour to imagine what Perth may have looked like before colonisation. Hear about the hunting and gathering of native foods, and the wetlands that were once were present before the city centre was developed. Understand the spiritual connections between the land and the First Nations people whilst listening to ancient Dreamtime stories.

Cooee, a restaurant opened by a Michelin star chef can be found on the banks of the Swan River. With a menu that celebrates the best of Western Australia's produce, enjoy the all-day "gate to plate "menu and graze on Albany rock oysters, Leeuwin Coast Akoya, kingfish sashimi, and mushroom tartare.


To fully understand a country, we must first understand the culture and history of the indigenous people. Sydney is home to the Dreamtime Southern X tour which is the perfect introduction to the living Aboriginal Dreamtime Cultural Heritage of Sydney's natural landscape and seasons. Tailored for Australian school groups, international studies and local or overseas Sydney visitors, these tours are perfect for any type of visitor.

Home to the world's first permanent no-waste cocktail bar, Re - in Sydney's South Everleigh is a one-of-a-kind experience. Set in a heritage site, with all furniture made from recycled materials, and a low waste menu's championing local suppliers and sustainable produce, this bar is a must-see to experience some epic sustainability in Sydney.


About 45 minutes' drive from the Adelaide city center, is a collection of minimal intervention wineries. Following regenerative farming practices, these destinations are emphasizing their focuses on the environment. Check out Ngeringa, a certified biodynamic vineyard, and winery specialising in classic, fine wines. This land has been certified biodynamic for more than 20 years, and one of Australia's original, biodynamic winegrowing pioneers.

The theme is self-sufficiency when it comes to The Summertown Aristologist's menu. A lot of the food and wine served here is sourced from their Adelaide Hills neighbours. Guests visiting do not pick from a menu, they are served what is in season matched with minimal intervention wines to go with their meal.


Enjoy out of the Darwin Harbour to remote Njulbitjlk to enjoy a sunset with Sea Darwin. Watch seasonal turtle nesting from afar and learn about the history and habitat of Darwin Harbour. With five percent of each ticket sale going to the Austurtle Research Project, you can feel positive about this experience.


About an hour out of Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast – you can take part in a traditional sailing experience on a century-old timber sailing boat along the Mooloolah River, the traditional waters of the Kabi Kabi or "saltwater people". During this journey, you will learn old-fashioned sailing techniques, eat local bush tuckers, spot wildlife, and hear many stories about the first eco-custodians of the Sunshine Coast.

Nearby, in the hills of the Sunshine Coast, experience Brouhaha Brewery. With a focus on natural brewing methods that aim to avoid additives and preservatives, not only is the alcohol made like this, the food is as well. Extending this philosophy to food, with a central focus on local producers and seasonality. At this establishment, spent grain from the brewery is sent on to a local farm to feed cattle, which is then used for meat production, with a circular approach.


The Bay of Fires in Tasmania is a three-hour drive north of Hobart. Here you will find a four-day guided Wukalina Walk, combining nature, culture, and luxury. Meet with local Palawa elders, hear stories of creation, and learn about traditional foods and medicines. You will also have the chance to try basket making, and spot Australian wildlife such as whales, wombats, and kangaroos.

Head to Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm to go on one of their daily farm tours. Learn from farmers about breeding and local ecology as well as harvesting of the prized Pacific oyster and gain a whole new appreciation for this incredible food source.


Head to the National Gallery of Australia and explore the largest and most impressive collection in the world of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Next, head to the National Museum where you can experience a First Australian's Indigenous Australia Tour, led by the local Ngunawal and Ngamrbi people.

Pialligo Estate, farm to table, is set on the Molonglo River and will give you the feeling of being worlds away. Produce for the restaurant is grown in the two-hectare market garden. Enjoy your meal in a European setting, with thoughtfully curated meals and wine.