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Outback Queensland Q&A


with Emilie Ristevski

Emilie Ristevski (aka. @helloemilie) has been out on the road exploring the incredible landscapes of North West Queensland. Travelling from Mt Isa to Cairns, her and Jason Charles-Hill ventured along the Savannah Way and discovered plenty of magical gems throughout their journey. We got the inside scoop on her Outback experience, including her favourite Queensland spots and top tips on travelling by campervan.


05-2021_Mount Isa_ Emilie Ristevski.jpg

What were the highlights of your Outback Queensland road trip? Where was your most memorable view?

Our 10-day adventure on the Savannah Way from Mount Isa to Cairns was full of so many memorable highlights – the iconic red earth sunsets, camping under the stars in Outback near Mount Isa, to venturing further north to experience the unbelievable views from above of the Gulf of Carpentaria where the Outback meets the sea. We loved learning about the different geological wonders found throughout each region and discovering the cultural history and unique stories of the land. Being our first time in this part of Queensland, this road trip has only opened our eyes and inspired us to see more of the hidden gems throughout the North West.

How would you describe Outback Queensland to someone who has never visited?

A road trip throughout Outback Queensland has been on our bucket list for years! It’s somewhere we have dreamed of exploring and we were left amazed by the vast untouched landscapes, rich cultural experiences and vibrant local communities. We found our trip to provide us with a true Australian Outback experience, we were able to really disconnect and experience a ‘slower’ pace of life.

Expect to be covered in red dust, witness some spectacular Outback sunsets, and if you head north even see a few crocs! We were particularly drawn to the breathtaking natural landscapes, witnessing the colours of the landscape change from reds, yellows to greens as we ventured on our home on wheels from the outback to the tropics. 

04-2021_Mount Isa_ Emilie Ristevski.jpg

What was the best thing about being in a campervan vs in a hotel, and what surprised you the most about travelling by campervan?

Travelling by campervan was the best way to explore this incredible part of Queensland. We loved the sense of freedom and convenience we discovered throughout this one-of-a-kind nomadic adventure. The spontaneity to change plans, follow the weather and best of all live ‘off-grid’ with everything we could possibly need in our campervan is unlike any other experience we could imagine! Each day we woke ready for another day of adventure with a new view and all from the comfort of our Britz campervan. 

What advice / top tips would you give to anyone thinking about taking a campervan road trip to explore Outback Queensland?

The journey itself is part of the adventure, with long driving distances it’s important to be well prepared and do your research. Have a reliable map on hand and book or call ahead to ensure wherever you're travelling to is open and available.

Ask the friendly locals for advice – There truly are some hidden gems throughout North West Queensland, whether it’s the best local outback pubs or a lesser known camp spot, the locals love a conversation and hold the best insights!

Stock up well – Throughout our 10-day road trip we only needed to visit a supermarket once and stocked up our camper-van with plenty of food, favourite snacks and water to last the entire trip. Our campervan contained a full kitchen and fridge, allowing for the freedom to stop and eat on the road and embrace the Outback surroundings. 

14-2021_Talaroo_ Emilie Ristevski.jpg

What were your favourite hidden gems throughout the journey? Did you encounter any unexpected surprises along the way?

We were left in awe of the natural wonders hidden throughout this ancient landscape. Talaroo Hot Springs, a 65-million-year-old geological wonder, was an otherworldly experience. A place of sanctuary and healing to learn and connect deeply with the Indigenous stories of the land. The Ewamian people have honoured the spiritual and geological significance of these hot springs for thousands of years. 

Undara National Park was also an unexpected surprise, as we discovered the history of a landscape shaped by ancient volcanoes and the powerful forces of nature. We witnessed the volcanic craters from above from the sky by scenic helicopter and below we wandered underground within the depths of the lava tubes. We were surprised at the diversity found somewhere so close to the Cairns and the rest of Tropical North Queensland – it was a truly fascinating experience to learn about the incredible history of this region.

Any favourite holiday parks or pubs / restaurants you’d recommend?

Each tiny country town was full of friendly characters and unique charm – Gulfland Motel And Caravan Park and Bedrock Village were two of our favourites set in beautiful locations and full of Outback Queensland hospitality. The North West is famous for its fresh barramundi and it did not disappoint!

15-2021_Mount Surprise_ Jason Charles Hill.jpg

If you've been inspired to explore Outback Queensland, check out our great itineraries and start planning your trip with Britz!

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