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16 Jul 2018


Brisbane to Sydney by Campervan

From the cruisy, surfer vibes of Brisbane, to the fast-paced hustle of Australia’s big smoke, Sydney, there’s way more than just gorgeous coastlines to check out on this 10 hour drive. 10 hours non-stop that is. We recommend you take your time over a week or so to really enjoy this iconic drive. The transition in culture along the way is strikingly tangible, and that quintessential Aussie drawl varies as you meander along the coast. Fire up your camper engine and get out your cork hats, this is one great way to experience true blue Aussie hospitality in all its forms.

12 Jul 2018


Whale Watching Queensland

With its mammoth coastline and tropical waters, Australia is one of the best places for whales on their migration from their southerly base. In fact, on their journey northwards, those taking an easterly route tend to stay within five kilometres from Australian shores in order to miss the East Australian Current.

More than 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises can be seen from Australia’s coastline, with over half of the world’s whales inhabiting our seas.

Most commonly spotted are humpback and southern right whales, but orcas, minke and blue whales also splash and glide through Australia’s seas. Unsurprisingly, this makes it one of the best countries in the world for whale watching. During their migration season, you can often see mothers and calves playing, humpbacks breaching and southern right whales spy hopping all for free, from safe headlands and public boardwalks.

This trip will take you and your faithful camper from Byron Bay up through Queensland to the Whitsunday Islands, and past a whole lot of natural marvel in between. So grab your binoculars, some comfy shoes, a bottle of water, a hat and something to munch on, then head to Byron Bay.

30 Apr 2018


Top Tips For Campervan Trips

Campervan holidays are all about exploration and new exciting experiences. That's the buzz for most of us, exploring some new locations, meeting new people and the sense of achievement as you conquer challenges.

27 Apr 2018


4WD Campervans - A Unique Type Of Holiday

​Campervans. Sold as the ultimate freedom - your opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore. Sure, they are, but what if we told you there was an even better way to see Australia - one that took you to the heart of nature and made the drive from A to B an adventure in itself. We introduce, our 4WD campervans! 

19 Feb 2018


Overlanders Way Dinosaur and Savannah Trail

By Britz Crew

19 Feb 2018


Overlanders Way Gorge and Reef

By Britz Crew

16 Feb 2018


Epic Cape York 4WD trip

By Britz Crew

The ideal self drive to cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and immerse yourself in the laid back tropical village atmosphere.

7 Feb 2018


Enjoy Western Australia's National Parks

By Britz Crew

Australia is full of scenic National Parks; 500 of them in fact! The varying landscapes and native trees throughout the country make every one unique and unforgettable. In total there are 60 national parks Western Australia wide with an array of breathtaking natural attractions for anyone to visit. If you're travelling around Western Australia, sightseeing, we've pulled together a list of the top national parks WA has to offer, to help get you started. Check out our list on the best spots to check out while you're in the big Western state. Read on below!

If you want to continue your National Parks adventure around the country, check out more of our favourite Aussie National Parks.  


12 Dec 2017


10 Reasons a Campervan Is the Ultimate Way to Travel Outback Australia

By Wandering On

There’s no denying that camper-vanning is the quintessential way to explore Australia. Whether it’s an old converted van, a top-of-the-range home on wheels or just a mattress thrown in the back of an estate wagon, there’s no better way to explore this vast continent than by camper. 

5 Dec 2017


10 reasons to take your kids on a campervan holiday

By Britz Crew

Camping holidays are so popular in Australia that they’re considered a national treasure, with Aussies flocking to their favourite spots at every opportunity. It’s been like this for generations, although with each passing year it gets easier and more comfortable. Long gone are leaky tents and long-drop loos! Nowadays there are holiday parks with all mod-cons; comfy, easy-to-drive campervans; high-tech clothing and equipment; wifi and TV rooms; swimming pools and spa tubs; and sometimes even on-site espresso.