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- Great insights for your Britz roadtrip


Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your campervan adventure around Australia.

28 Sep 2016


The Best Roadtrip in Tropical North Queensland

By Britz Crew

1 Sep 2016


Tropical North QLD Best Food

By Britz Crew

​North Queensland is lush! It's basically the Garden of Eden. Anyone who's visited the region will agree. You will pass dozens of roadside fruit vendors selling mangoes, pawpaws, avocados and bananas.

23 Aug 2016


Australian 4WD Adventures

By Britz Crew

12 Aug 2016


Tropical North QLD Paradise Beaches

By Britz Crew

​​We all know that feeling, you stroll down to the beach with your towel thrown over your shoulder and a book in your hand, you're looking forward to a bit of 'you time'. Then you reach the top of the dunes and look down at what must be ten thousand people crammed onto your special strip of paradise.

30 Jun 2016


10 photos to make you want to go by camper in Tasmania

By Laura Alyce Bell

Tasmania. The Apple Isle. One of Australia's true beauties. Who doesn't want to go? Laura Bell shows us 10 amazing photos on why you have to jump on the Spirit of Tasmania and head on over to uncover the wonderful natural beauty of Australia's most beautiful island!  

31 May 2016


Selimsraasta's Top 5 Reasons to Go By Camper

By Raasta Family

Samiya and her family travelled in a Britz Campervan for 30 days along the coast of Australia. Somewhere between the 7,500km the family of four travelled, they connected with Australia and each other on a deeper level than they ever thought possible. 

Here's their story:

18 May 2016


Tropical North QLD Secrets

By Britz Crew

​The best way to see a city or a region is under the guidance of a knowledgeable local. Someone who's taken the time to suss out the best spots and who knows how to avoid the tourist crowds.

27 Apr 2016


5 Road trip activities the kids will love

By Britz Crew

Can't wait for your family road trip to get on the road, you've booked the motorhome hire already and now you need to plan how to keep the kids entertained on those long stretches of road!  Kick those "are we there yet?" moments to the curb with all the backseat fun your kids can handle!

2 Mar 2016


Tropical North QLD Romance

By Britz Crew

Romantic cities huh? Paris is filled with arrogant and dismissive Parisians. Venice is overpriced and polluted. New York, the setting for way too many romantic movies is dirty and noisy. They're all fantastic places, wonderful, vibrant, happening places, but a city just isn't the ideal setting for romance.The perfect setting for romance surely involves a deserted beach, star filled skies, an empty open road on the way to a lush rainforest and if time permits a decadent seafood feast.

13 Jan 2016


Tropical North QLD Useful Phrases

By Britz Crew

Tropical North Queensland has its own seasons, its own cuisine and its own way of life. Some visitors even believe it has its own language. They're kind of right too, those who are unaccustomed to the colloquialisms of the North have been known to struggle to keep up with conversation. Hopefully this guide will help you out during your visit to the North. You never know, it might even get you out of trouble.