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30 Apr 2018


Must Visit Locations In New Zealand

You’ll quickly discover when you travel around New Zealand that it is unapologetically, photogenic. In saying that, we do have some favourite spots where your photos are guaranteed to get a lot of likes. We’d recommend you work some of these stops into your Britz campervan holiday, and your friends and family will wish they were there with you! Here's our must-visit locations encapsulated by Instagram.

30 Apr 2018


Best Places To Wake Up

​How do you get inspiration for your holidays? Whether it's talking to friends and family, flicking through travel magazines, inspirational documentaries or a flick through social media on the morning commute, there is an overflow of information (and likely opinions) on the best places to visit on your travels.

27 Feb 2018


6 Breathtaking Places To Visit

New Zealand is a stunning place to visit year round and it's no wonder it's been used as the filming locations for blockbuster movies such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. We think the best time to visit, without a doubt, is autumn.

22 Jan 2018


How To Eat Fresh Seasonal Food

There’s nothing better than fresh, local produce at any time of year. New Zealand is home to a wide range of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables that you'll be able to pick up from roadside stalls and in local markets.

8 Nov 2017


Top 5 Family Campervan Spots

​New Zealand is an amazing country to discover during the warmer months – and a campervan is the best way to get you there! A family road trip isn’t complete without exploring the great Kiwi outdoors.

11 Jul 2017


New Zealand Winter Destinations

Looking for Winter destination inspiration? Here is a short list of some of our favourite places to visit in New Zealand in winter.

27 Jun 2017


Kids Campervan Trip Bingo

A good treasure hunt bingo game is an age-old campervan favourite. We've created the ultimate Kiwi version to help you keep the kids entertained on your next road trip.

You can read off a cluster of items and see who can spot each of them first. Just laugh and have fun or have a competition and see who spots what.

17 Jun 2017


Planning Your Campervan Trip

If it’s your first time going on a campervan road trip in New Zealand, planning your holiday may be a little confusing. That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible — so here are some tips that’ll make your choices even easier to make.

Let’s start with when you want to travel.

14 Jun 2017


Northland Campervan Adventures

Sam and Jack from STA UK hit the road in their Britz Campervan to see what New Zealand had to offer. They travelled from Piha Beach (Auckland), to Bream Head and Whangarei Falls, witnessing some incredible sights along the way. Take a look at some of the shots from their journey below!

1 Jun 2017


A Rugby Fan's Tour Of New Zealand

For rugby fans worldwide, a trip to New Zealand is a must do! Home of the All Blacks, this picturesque country has a proud rugby history.

Whether you’re visiting for the 2017 rugby tour of New Zealand, or planning an adventure holiday, we’ve mapped out the ultimate campervan itinerary around the North Island.