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- Great insights for your Britz roadtrip


Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your campervan adventure around New Zealand.

24 Feb 2021


Roadschooling with the family

Going beyond the bach in a motorhome, gives you the freedom and flexibility to experience more with the family. New Zealand is an incredible classroom with experiences that would deliver the ultimate syllabus. Places like Wai-o-Tapu are phenomenal geography field trips, Te Puia and Manea Footprints of Kupe provide enriching cultural experiences.

Check out our list of ‘roadschooling experiences’ you can have these school holidays when you travel by camper.

24 Jul 2020


Winter Campervan Travel In New Zealand

People often ask me when my favourite time to travel is in New Zealand, and I always say during winter! Now is the perfect time to get out and explore New Zealand – and what better way than taking a roadie in a campervan. Here are a few reasons I love travelling by campervan, and why wintertime is awesome.

11 Oct 2019


Best Beach Campsites In New Zealand

Is there anything better than falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves? Or watching the sun’s first light bathe the beach while you’re snuggled in your campervan? Well, New Zealand is a pretty awesome place to do exactly that, read more to find out about the best beach campsites and where to stay in New Zealand.

29 May 2019


Young Adventures heads out on the EV journey

Britz eVolve story in images. Image credit Liz Carlson.

You can read more about Liz's adventure here.


13 Feb 2019


Britz New Zealand Travel Guide for an Endless New Zealand Summer

It’s late summer, the crowds have headed back to school and work but, luckily, your travels are far from over. To many, this is the best time of year to travel - the endless summer, when you can enjoy the parts of New Zealand that are at their shining best, when the hordes have returned home, the sun has lost some of its intensity, and the autumn leaves are beginning to glow.

12 Feb 2019


South Island Travel Guide: Hidden Gems of The South Island To Visit By Campervan

With stunning sandy beaches, azure blue waters, and stunningly scenic panoramas, the top of New Zealand’s South Island has plenty to allure and delight travellers traversing the region. If you’re going on a South Island road trip, be sure to check out all these amazing spots or at least include them on your South Island itinerary.

25 Oct 2018


Summer Campervan Tips

There are many great things about travelling in summer, and road-tripping in a campervan is the ideal way to get out and about. Check out these top summer travel tips to get you started.

16 Oct 2018


Meet Your Britz Summer Campervans

Britz has just launched it's new summer fleet, ensuring more choice than ever when choosing the perfect vehicle for your road trip. There are three vehicles in the Britz Summer Fleet, each designed around different needs, for between two and six people. They are available exclusively from October to April. Time to meet your new road trip partner.

19 Sep 2018


10 Essential Tips For Your Campervan Trip

Our friend Peta shares a few of her favourite camping and campervan hacks guaranteed to make you look at life a little differently. Grab a coffee, take 5 minutes and find out how to make your next campervan holiday a breeze.

11 Sep 2018


Best Camper Destinations Queenstown To Auckland

New Zealand has several attractive campervan destinations that people come from all over the world to visit. At present, two of the hotter campervan destinations for tourists are Queenstown and Auckland. Driving from Queenstown to Auckland will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery and tourist hotspots New Zealand has to offer. If you want to ensure you see as much as possible, check our Britz Queenstown to Auckland itinerary. When travelling in a Britz campervan, we want to ensure you don’t miss any key sights and we want you to know what to expect on one of the longer New Zealand travel routes.

The drive time from Queenstown to Auckland is around 22 hours in real-time, but with a ferry crossing between the islands and so much to see along the way you’ll want to make the most of your trip. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of must-dos for a magic campervan holiday the whole family will get on board with. Check out the Britz Queenstown to Auckland itinerary below and get the most out of your New Zealand trip.