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When it comes to planning a holiday or enjoying time on the road, smartphone is your best friend.

There are plenty of apps to help with everything, from checking the tides at your local beach to finding a campsite to stay the night with the best view to wake up to. Apps can help you find your way in a new city, make currency conversions, create a perfect packing list, even act like a tour guide in the city. Whatever you need when you hit the road, there’s an app for that. Here are our top 10.


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1. Beachsafe App

If you in Australia (or planning to travel there), and enjoy spending time exploring local beaches, this is an app for you.

Brought to you by Surf Life Saving Australia, the Beachsafe app includes the location, weather, surf conditions and hazards plus the local facilities for all Australian beaches. Importantly, the current lifesaving service for each beach is listed to help you find the nearest patrolled beach. Beachsafe also provides expert advice about rip currents, flags and signs, waves, marine creatures, surf skills and more.

This app is available for free for iOS and Android.


2. XE Currency Converter

If you are traveling overseas, having a currency converter on your phone can be a lifesaver. Real-time rates and straightforward design makes this app extremely practical. Add up to 10 currencies of your choice. 

This app is available for free for iOS and Android


3. Netflix

This one would be an easy sell (provided you have a Netflix subscription of course). Keep yourself or your little ones busy on the long flight when no entertainment is available. It pays to pack an extra charging cord and a power bank as unfortunately, this app tends to drain the battery life. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

Available for free for iOS and Android.


4. Pack Point

Lift up your packing game with this very handy app. Pick a country, your primary activities and the time of the year when your trip will take place, give it a couple of minutes - and there you have it, a personalised packing list!

Available for free for iOS and Android.


5. TripIt

Heading on a big trip? Organise all of your bookings (we are talking plane, campervan, hotels, etc) in one, easily accessible app. As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to and it’ll be instantly added to your master itinerary.

Download it for free Android and Apple, a paid Pro version is also available.


6. Plugshare

Going green on your holiday? You'll need Plugshare!

Find EV charging stations, leave reviews, and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. It’s the most accurate and complete public EV charging map worldwide, with stations from every major network in North America, Europe, and throughout much of the globe.

Available for free for iOS and Android.


7. Gaspy

If you are driving a diesel/petrol car, this is a great app to find the best deal to fill up. Find the cheapest fuel prices closest to you with this convenient free App. Available in New Zealand (Gaspy), Australia (PetrolSpy), Germany(Gas prices) and USA (GasBuddy).

Available as a free for Android in New ZealandAustralia and Germany

iOS app is available in New Zealand, AustraliaUSA (paid version)


8. Roadtrippers

Discover millions of places, like local diners and quirky roadside attractions, or scenic points, national parks, and hotels. Get inspiration from our pre-made trip guides of some of the most interesting and once-in-a-lifetime routes you need to see at least once. Content currently available for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Download it for iOS or Android 


9. thl Roadtrip

The essential roadtrippers travel companion and tool to help you explore New Zealand and Australia without the stress and hassle that can come with travelling in a new place, or with running out of petrol. Find the nearest campsites and holiday parks, (free and paid), petrol stations, free wifi, supermarkets, dump stations, public toilets, LPG filing stations, laundromats - pretty much everything you need for your road trip. 

Download it for iOS or Android


10. Golden Hour

You are bound to come across breathtaking views as you make your way across the world. Did you know that the best (and most flattering time to take a picture is during what they call the "golden hour"? Of course, there is an app out for that too. Easy and convenient tool for calculating time and duration of sunrise, sunset and other sunlight phases at any location.

Available for Android only.


Happy travels!