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What's included in my hire booking?

The campervan you will hire from Britz is brimming with thoughtful conveniences and stocked with fresh bedding, cutlery, and crockery, allowing you to comfortably go beyond. What's not included is fuel costs, road user charge recovery fees (RUC) and your favourite food. For a full list of inclusions click here.  

How do I share my adventure with others?

If you are sharing your vehicle booking with friends and whānau, we recommend you treat it as your own, cleaning the vehicle before handing the keys over to your next driver (you wouldn’t lend your neighbour a dirty cake tin would you?). You do not need to tell us which named driver is driving the vehicle at any given time. Once you’ve made your booking and provided us with your list of your top 10 favourite people, it’s over to you. This is your vehicle, your adventure.  

Who can I add to my booking and how do I add drivers to my booking?  

You have the ability to add up to 10 drivers to your booking.  A standard driver’s licence enables you to hire and drive even our largest six-berth motorhomes!  

Once you have secured your booking, the hirer collecting the vehicle needs to bring their driver's license to collect the vehicle. They will also need to bring the actual license, or a copy of both front and back of the license of any other named driver(s), so we can verify their details.  

A family holiday with Britz

Can I switch out drivers during the vehicle hire period?

So, you’d promised your brother/sister/bestie/cuzzie they could go for a trip in the camper but they’ve dropped off your Top 10 list and onto the naughty list? Substituting drivers mid-hire isn’t possible. You have ten drivers; choose them wisely.  

Who pays for the total cost of the vehicle hire booking?

The person confirming your booking will need to provide their credit card details as security for the whole booking. They will also need to pay the hire charges and for anything additional you choose to add to your hire. If you are sharing the vehicle with up to 10 people then you will need to arrange between yourselves how the cost is shared.  

What should I do if I or my friends/ family experience vehicle damage during the hire period?  

If there’s any damage is incurred during the booking hire period you will be liable and all damage costs will need to be paid at vehicle drop off.  To give you and your hiring pool of pal’s peace of mind throughout the duration of the vehicle hire period, we recommend you check out our more comprehensive liability options

Exploring nature with Britz

If a lockdown occurs during my booking hire period, will I get a refund?  

We recognise the ongoing uncertainty that COVID-19 brings and the potential for lockdowns to occur. At Britz, our customers come first, allowing you to book with confidence. If a lockdown were to occur, we will do our best to support you and the drivers on your booking. Check out our booking policy for more information.

If I’m sharing the vehicle with 10 people, who’s responsibility is it to return the vehicle and what do I need to do upon return?  

Information on how to drop-off a vehicle to us can be found in the thl Roadtrip app, that outlines how to prepare the vehicle and settle any outstanding charges you've incurred during your trip such as Road User Recovery Fees. 

It is up to the booking holder and booking named drivers to decide who completes the vehicle drop-off. To make this as straight forward as possible, we suggest you check out our Express Return Pack add-on which enables a hassle free drop-off.  

I’ve never driven a motorhome or campervan, will I figure it out?    

Before you turn the key in the ignition, we encourage all drivers to download the thl Roadtrip app which is packed with everything you need to familiarise yourself with the vehicle, New Zealand, and everything in between. 

Britz in the South Island

One of my named drivers has a dog? Are the allowed in the vehicle?  

Absolutely! Pets are allowed in all Britz vehicles for a small cleaning fee. You will need to advise us beforehand if you or one of your named driver's intend to travel with a furry travel companion. More information about our pet policy can be found here.

Can I get help cleaning the van from Britz?  

For the duration of the vehicle hire, cleaning of the vehicle is your responsibility. If you are sharing your vehicle with other named drivers, we suggest you clean the vehicle to a standard you'd want to find the vehicle in yourself.  

How can I buy the vehicle I’ve hired?  

All the vehicles in the Britz fleet are made up of Kea models which are available to purchase new and used from the RV Super Centre.