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Summer Campervan Tips


5 Tips To Save You Time Sweat And Money This Summer

There are many great things about travelling in summer, and road-tripping in a campervan is the ideal way to get out and about. Check out these top summer travel tips to get you started.

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Summer travel season just around the corner which means that now is the perfect time to plan your next road trip! And what better way to travel than in the comfort of your own ‘home on wheels’?

With longer days and warmer temperatures, summer is a prime time for couples and families alike to take time out. Whether you want to explore your own backyard for a short rental or embark upon a much longer journey, here we impart some sage advice about how to get the most out of your summer holiday. Britz has some great options for touring all year round but in warmer months, in particular, you can't go wrong with one of our "summer fleet" campervans.


Top Summer Travel Tips

1. Water, water, everywhere

Always drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. This is especially so if your itinerary includes strenuous outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or kayaking. But even travelling in the heat can literally drain you and leave you dehydrated. Also, pack some electrolytes to help revitalize you throughout the trip. And of course, because the Southern Hemisphere’s ozone layer resembles Swiss cheese at the best of times, always apply sunscreen to your face, arms, neck and any other exposed skin as part of your morning routine, and always pack a wide-brimmed hat.

2. Stay cool

With temps on the high side, you need to make sure you understand how you can cool down in your campervan. Some models in the Britz summer fleet has different offerings when it comes to air-conditioning, some with awnings, so check the vehicle details prior to booking to ensure you have the amenities you need yo stay comfortable during those 30C summer days. Ask lots of questions about the operations of your cooling system too, and make sure you understand how to check the power levels so the air-con doesn’t drain you dry (no one wants to have to call for roadside assistance to start you up!)

3. Be a dollar-smart summer traveller

Most people want to explore New Zealand in summer - the weather is ideal, attractions are open and roads that can be inaccessible during winter are open.  But it can also be costly, as this is when the demand is highest. Spend some time doing some research before you travel and look into group discounts (particularly if you are a family) on activities. You can save on food costs by avoiding expensive takeaways and by cooking some easy meals each night. Buy snacks on special at supermarkets and get some good deals on your favourite wine before hitting the road.

4. Eat seasonal

Nothing beats eating fresh, local produce. And summer in New Zealand is the perfect time to do it. As you drive through the country, you'll see many roadside stalls selling fresh and locally grown fruit and vegetables that have never even seen the inside of a supermarket. Not only is this produce often significantly cheaper than supermarkets but it makes a great opportunistic snack on the go for the kids. Nothing beats a fresh juicy nectarine, an orange (or three) or a bunch of cherries. Produce differs all over New Zealand, from north to south and east to west so you'll be able to put together a bright and tasty fresh fruit platter as you travel your road trip. 

5. Visit cooler climates

Summer doesn’t have to be all about the beach. Taking a detour to cooler areas is a smart play, and heading south is an obvious example. The South Island of New Zealand offers some incredible vistas and wildlife encounters with seals and whales. With a return hire from Christchurch, you can head south to Dunedin, New Zealand’s ‘Scotland of the South’. Nearby is the turn-off inland to the Waitaki Valley, a scenic route through to the legendary Mackenzie Country via a series of pretty lakes. The coastal Southern Scenic Route, through The Catlins to Invercargill begins south of Dunedin and is known as the ‘deep south’ proper, well regarded as one of New Zealand’s great touring routes. Explore the Southern Lakes & Fiordland, Coastal Otago and Southland for a great southern summer adventure.