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How To Choose The Right Campervan


A Few Tips To Ensure You Get The Right Camper

​​​​​​Planning your holiday to the land of the long, white cloud but can’t quite figure out the right camper to hire? Don’t worry. We’ve got just the thing.

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There are lots of factors you need to take into account when choosing your vehicle, check out our tips to choosing your perfect campervan!

The first question you need to ask yourself is: how many people are going on this trip?

Our campervans can fit up to six people so tally up your family and friends. If you have more than six people, book two or more vehicles and you can sort out who goes in which vehicle later.

The second question is: would you rather have some extra space?

Even if there are two of you, you might prefer to book a campervan that sleeps four to six, to give you more space on those longer trips. So if you want more legroom, why not upgrade yourselves?

Campervans For 1 - 3 People

2 people: Britz Venturer

2 people: Britz HiTop

2 adults, 1 child: Britz Venturer Plus

Campervans For 4 - 6 People

4 people: Britz Voyager

4 people: Britz Explorer

4 people: Britz Discovery

4 adults, 2 children: Britz Vista

6 people: Britz Frontier  

Does Size Matter?

When choosing your vehicle, you might think a larger campervan would be daunting to drive, but fear not! No matter a campervan's size, they’re easier to drive than it may seem - so try not to let size become a defining issue. All models have large side mirrors and built-in GPS, while some have reversing cameras, making your drive even smoother.

Toilet And Shower?

Thinking of doing a bit of Freedom Camping? Well, you’ll definitely need a toilet and shower on-board to do so, without getting a fine from local councils. You’ll also need to ensure that your campervan is powered up, which means staying at a campground or holiday park with powered sites every other night. So budget your stays accordingly and book a camper with a toilet and shower included.

Are you staying in Holiday Parks the entire time? There are plenty of them around the islands, and if you’ve already booked your powered sites, maybe toilets and showers aren’t so important. Perhaps the old 'hold it ‘til we get there' attitude can be put to use.

Campervans Without Toilet And Shower

Britz HiTop

Britz Voyager


While many of the campervans come with a standard range of equipment, some campervans have unique features of their own.

For example, the Britz Venturer Plus is perfect for a couple who’d like to travel in comfort, with an LCD screen and DVD player. Other campervans include these features too, such as the Britz Explorer.

Campervan Features

Britz HiTop
The HiTop is a 2-berth campervan with all the mod-cons like a microwave, fridge and gas stove, plus fold-out table from the inside, for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday experience. 

Britz Voyager
The Voyager 4-berth campervan is set up for an awesome adventure! Perfect for four people to travel and sleep in. Its roomy and clever use of space means you can travel in comfort with all the mod-cons including a microwave, gas oven and running water. 

Britz Venturer
The Venturer is a fantastic option for the couple wanting to travel in comfort. With its flexible and spacious bed configurations, and toilet and shower facilities on board, it is a true home away from home.

Britz Venturer Plus
The Venturer Plus is designed with you and your growing family in mind! Room for two adults and one child, this cleverly designed vehicle comes with toilet, shower and kitchen facilities. With an automatic transmission, this vehicle is perfect for an easy family getaway.

Britz Discovery
The Discovery is a 4-berth campervan is perfect for a family or two couples. Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living area and two double beds (one pulls down from the ceiling), the Discovery has all your needs covered.

Britz Explorer
The Explorer 4-berth campervan is perfect for a spacious trip away. With a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living area and two double beds, the Explorer is ideal for a family of four or group of friends.

Britz Frontier
Be the envy of other campers when you pull up in this brilliant 6-berth campervan! The large windows around the living area will provide you with an awesome view each morning, and it also features a kitchen and bathroom!

Britz Vista
The Vista is the ultimate campervan. Take the kids, and the grandparents, or pool some friends for a road trip. The 6-berth Vista features 3 separate sleeping area, a full kitchen, toilet and shower plus lounge.

All this info should set you on the right path, but you can always browse our list of campervans in more depth or get in touch with us for a quotation.

Happy planning, traveller!