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School Holiday Travel With Kids


Pack Up The Family And Explore

Our good friend Peta recently picked up a camper for a family holiday. Whilst enjoying the freedom only a campervan holiday can bring, and readjustment to time and relaxation on her terms, Peta put together a few thoughts on how her family campervan holidays over the years have shaped her and the family's outlooks.

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A few days ago, that spring thing happened: the water changed almost indiscernibly from grey hues to turquoise blue and I knew the first promise of warmer weather had arrived. If, like me, that primary sniff of spring triggers some ancient migratory response, you’ll already be planning a road trip with your family for a full immersion in the seasonal changes. And, with school holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to plan and book a spring getaway.

My last trip was through the glories of an autumn landscape. This time I’m imagining a leisurely drive through the countryside where lambs are gambolling in lime-green grass and orchard trees are covered in colourful blossoms. But before that imaginary scene can unfold before eager eyes, let’s get back to earth for a moment and explore the practicalities of an easy getaway. I’ve trie d travel options every way from backpacking to boating, but I’ve settled on campervans as the most relaxing means of transport to certain holiday heaven. 

Why go by camper on your next holiday?

Traveling by camper is an instant antidote to everyday life that’s accessible and easy on the pocket, combining accommodation and transport into one. I love having a home away from home where everything that the family takes on their adventures can be stowed away at the start of the journey. Job done. After that, we spend every available moment unwinding as new and unfamiliar landscapes magically appear in front of us.

Gone are the days of packing and unpacking or always keeping a weather eye out in case the wind gets up. Although now we can turn down any road and stop wherever we like. We are no longer confined to the coast. We can choose whether we eat in or out. The most stressful thing about our day is finding a place to stay overnight. 

Some love to be forever on the move, looking for a new place every day. We’ve found that ‘immersion’ is a good way to go and we often choose a town or region to park up. From there we enjoy day trips to surrounding areas, something kids will love. The great thing about travelling in a camper, is that it offers a holiday that’s as individual as you are.

Choose Your Own Adventure

If ever the time is right for a return to simplicity it’s when on a road trip where boredom is banished and everything is fresh and new. With this in mind choose the right holiday park to meet your needs. You’ll be travelling in a self-contained holiday home on wheels, so you may choose to stay off the grid entirely, or in a simple and inexpensive regional or conservation park. 

You might prefer a holiday park geared towards families or something in between. One of our favourites is a family-friendly place with giant chess pieces and a simple playground with a quirky cinema compete with comfy couches (BYO fish and chips) close by. Or are you looking for somewhere with a dedicated primary-coloured playground with water slide and jumping pillow so the kids will be safe while you read that book you have saved? 

Compare services and prices before you go - the more on offer the greater the cost of staying there is likely to be. Get the whole family involved in thinking, planning and finally booking the campervan and holiday park (s). Encourage them to think about what they will need to take with them, be that a favourite toy, book or board game. What will the weather be like when you get there? 

Planning a holiday can be almost as good as the holiday itself, and the best thing about planning a holiday in a home on wheels is the freedom of choice it offers. You choose where to go, where to stay and where to play... So go on – what are you waiting for? Put yourself in the driver’s seat and book a campervan for your next, most unforgettable family holiday ever. 

Top Tips For Family Spring Campervan Trips

  • Consider hiring a campervan with bikes: spend more to save 

  • If you’re on a lean budget check out city and regional council websites for free events 

  • Day walks and cycle paths are free for all to use 

  • Encourage your family to help budget, plan and pack 

  • Plan your route, but leave room for spontaneity 

  • Pack light, layered clothing with good thermal properties and a waterproof jacket for changeable spring weather 

  • Let the kids choose their favourite games, books, toys 

  • Playing cards and compact travelling games like mini-backgammon can be bought at dollar stores 

  • Stock up on non-sugary snack foods like fruit, salted popcorn, chips ‘n’ dips and cheese and crackers and have water bottles close at hand 

  • Spend or splurge? Eat in or use community barbecues and save some money for paid adventures 

Inspired to pack up the family and explore New Zealand these school holidays on a holiday they’ll remember forever? Take a look at our self-drive itineraries and latest deals on Britz campervans.