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Minimum Rental Charges

maui, Apollo, Britz, Cheapa Campa, Mighty and Hippie have minimum rental periods which apply when renting a campervan. If you would like to rent a campervan for a shorter period of time than our minimum rental period, that’s not a problem, providing that you’re allowing enough time to safely travel from A to B. In this case, a minimum rental charge will apply.  

The minimum rental charge is equivalent to the number of hire days in the minimum rental period multiplied by the applicable daily rental rate/s. If the rental rate for your hire would be less than the minimum rental charge, the amount to pay to meet the minimum rental charge will show as a fee on your booking confirmation and be labelled ‘X Days Minimum Charge’. 

For example: 

  • If a five day minimum rental period applies, and the daily rental rate is $200 per day, the minimum rental charge would be $1,000 (5 days x $200)  
  • If you rent a campervan for four days, you will be charged $800 for the rental period (4 days x $200) 
  • A minimum charge fee of $200 (the difference between the $1,000 minimum rental charge and the charges for the four day rental period) will also apply.