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Aboriginal Experiences

See Australia through the eyes of the world’s oldest continuous living culture with an Aboriginal-led experience.

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Aboriginal Experiences In Australia



Discover one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth on your next campervan trip. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences in Australia will offer immersive, life-changing experiences and are a great addition to any itinerary. Local Indigenous guides across the country will take you on journeys where you will form new connections to the land and its peoples, with new, bucket list-worthy travel experiences.



Every part of Australia is Aboriginal country and each State and Territory has a unique story behind it, shared through the experiences they offer. Indigenous guides are welcoming, have a generous spirit and are keen to share their story and culture with everyone. Immerse yourself in one of many experiences to gain a deep appreciation of Australia and the culture behind it.

From mesmerising rock art to traditional cultural performances and local Indigenous cuisines, these experiences captivate audiences from all over the world. Check out our State and Territory-based pages for details on the best attractions across Australia and incorporate them into your next road trip!

Oysters Family at the beach Salad

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About the artwork and artist:

"Unforgettable Journeys" by Kevin Wilson


This artwork captures the life in our landscapes. In the artwork, you can find animal tracks, footprints and waterways, along with the meeting places we gather to share stories. The lower half of the artwork represents the paths we travel along. The path breaks off in the upper half of the artwork, speaking to the journey we have yet to discover. As we travel across these lands, we learn and educate ourselves on how to connect with the Country we are on.

Wongai man Kevin Wilson is co-founder and Creative Director of design consultancy Nani Creative, which was established to cater to the increasing need and demand for authentic Aboriginal design, particularly within the tourism sector.

Kevin is an Artist Member of the Indigenous Art Code, winner of WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainee of the Year award, and runs a First Nations DJ course for young musicians.

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