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Australian National Parks


​​​​​Spend a day hiking around your favourite national park, head back to your tent or campervan and rather than having to take a long drive back to a campground, simply cook up a delicious dinner, crack a cold one, and watch the stars come up above you.

National Parks are a great option when looking for alternative campgrounds, with many of them having full amenities available to campers. They are coordinated by each state, so you'll need to contact them for further details and to find out more information.

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New South Wales

In New South Wales  we recommend staying at Diamond Head campground, which is right in the heart of Crowdy Bay National Park.  The beachside campground is easy to get to and offers some of the most beautiful scenery in New South Wales. Spend your days exploring the blackened pillars of Split Rock, trek along Diamond Head and Indian Head. With wildlife, wildflowers and wild-coastlines to check out, you'll want to spend longer than a night here!

South Australia

Get back to basics in South Australia at the Flinders Chase National Park. The Flinders Chase National Park will fill your day with a vast network of walking trails,  a colony of long nosed fur seals, and incredible rock formations. The Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch will take your breath away, particularly if you are lucky enough to not have to hurry back in the evening and can stay to watch the sun setting over these unique natural formations.


Queensland's clear weather makes it the ideal place for camping year round. Close enough to Brisbane and the Gold Coast that you won't feel too remote, but far enough away you won't remember the big cities even exists is the Gold Coast Hinterland. Camp at the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk camp grounds and discover the magic of walking on an ancient volcano, behind a spectacular waterfall and through the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia World Heritage Area's rainforests, and feel the landscapes' spirit.

Western Australia

Get back to Nature in Western Australia and spend your time at a former sheep and cattle station. Lorna Glen and Earaheedy  is located a remote 150kms from a town and forms a large conservation area, managed jointly with the local traditional owners of the land. If Lorna Glen sounds a little too remote for your taste, how about booking a site at the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area where you can snorkel one of the most stunning reefs in the world and explore the turquoise waters of the Ningaloo Reef.

Northern Territory

Explore the Northern Territory in a 4 wheel drive to get the most out of your outback experience. Stay at Annas Reservoir Conser​vation Reserve. An interesting history, Annas Reservoir played an important part in the 1879 overland journey by Aflred Giles. The original homestead ruined are still located on the reserve along with lots of walking tracks and a stunning rock-hole.


Tasmania is home to a series of Australia's most scenic National Parks. Narawantapu National Park offers horse riding trails, water-based activities at Bakers and Badger beaches and a range of walks and hikes for all fitness levels (from a 30 minute bird-watching walk to a coast 9 hour traverse of the park). Keep your eyes peeled for some of Australia's most unique wild-life including: Platypus, Echidna, Tasmanian Devil, bandicoots and much more.


Cotter Camp​ground is located 25 minutes west of the capital city, Canberra in Australia Capit​al Territory. Scattered lazily along the beautiful Cotter River, this tree-filled campground provides a welcome retreat from the summer heat and a beautiful display of colour in Spring and Autumn. With full amenities you won't need to stray far from your tent or camper to explore the area's walking trails, wildlife, abundant fishing and more.


Discover your adventure in one of Victoria's stunning National Park. While everyone around you is packing up to go home, you can spend the night in the famous Grampians National Park. With a range of campgrounds on offer, you'll need to remember to bring your own water to each of them (this is when traveling by camper is so great, as you can just fill up your water tanks and have plenty of water for the trip!).


For more information on camping at national parks in Australia check out Parks Australia or our top Australian National parks here.