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- Great insights for your Britz roadtrip


Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your campervan adventure around Australia.

3 Aug 2018


Meet The Britz 4WD Campervans

Britz Campervans come in many different shapes and sizes – from large and small to suit everyone, wherever you want to go! Our larger campers have room for the whole family, kitchen sink and a shower and toilet, where our smaller campers are compact and cosy.

27 Apr 2018


4WD Campervans - A Unique Type Of Holiday

​Campervans. Sold as the ultimate freedom - your opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore. Sure, they are, but what if we told you there was an even better way to see Australia - one that took you to the heart of nature and made the drive from A to B an adventure in itself. We introduce, our 4WD campervans! 

19 Feb 2018


Overlanders Way Dinosaur and Savannah Trail

By Britz Crew

19 Feb 2018


Overlanders Way Gorge and Reef

By Britz Crew

16 Feb 2018


Epic Cape York 4WD trip

By Britz Crew

The ideal self drive to cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and immerse yourself in the laid back tropical village atmosphere.

7 Feb 2018


Enjoy Western Australia's National Parks

By Britz Crew

Australia is full of scenic National Parks; 500 of them in fact! The varying landscapes and native trees throughout the country make every one unique and unforgettable.

If you're travelling around Western Australia, we've pulled together a list to get you started on the best spots to check out while you're in the the big Western state. Read on below!

If you want to continue your National Parks adventure around the country, check out more of our favourite Aussie National Parks


12 Dec 2017


10 Reasons a Campervan Is the Ultimate Way to Travel Outback Australia

By Wandering On

There’s no denying that camper-vanning is the quintessential way to explore Australia. Whether it’s an old converted van, a top-of-the-range home on wheels or just a mattress thrown in the back of an estate wagon, there’s no better way to explore this vast continent than by camper. 

5 Dec 2017


10 reasons to take your kids on a campervan holiday

By Britz Crew

Camping holidays are so popular in Australia that they’re considered a national treasure, with Aussies flocking to their favourite spots at every opportunity. It’s been like this for generations, although with each passing year it gets easier and more comfortable. Long gone are leaky tents and long-drop loos! Nowadays there are holiday parks with all mod-cons; comfy, easy-to-drive campervans; high-tech clothing and equipment; wifi and TV rooms; swimming pools and spa tubs; and sometimes even on-site espresso.

13 Nov 2017


The Best Australian Road Trip Destinations for Winter

By Britz Crew

1 Nov 2017


Epic Cape York (option 2)

The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Port Douglas is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastline and scenic drives, along secluded beaches and stunning rainforest clad mountains.