How Long Should you Travel Around Australia


Australia is a thriving hub of white sandy beaches, ancient rainforests and off-the-beaten-track desert destinations. With so many stunning natural attractions and wide open roads to wander, there are seemingly endless opportunities to explore Australia. So this begs the question: how long does it take to travel around Australia to experience it all?


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To help, we have put together this guide of what you need to consider when deciding on a timeline to adventure around this stunning country. That way, you can experience your perfect Australian adventure, however long that is. Let’s dive in.

The best way to travel around Australia

How long does it take to drive around all of Australia?

Do you need a 4WD to travel around Australia?

How long it would take to walk around Australia

How many days you should allow to explore Australia

The best way to travel around Australia

It’s fair to say Australia is a big country. In fact, it’s 7.692 million km², to be exact. To put that into perspective, the entire United States of America is 9.834 million km², while the UK is only 243,610 km². Safe to say, there is plenty to see and explore in Australia.

Travelling Australia by campervan is not only the easiest way to see and do more on your Australian adventure, but it also gives an incomparable sense of freedom and flexibility. Travel where you want and when you want. No need to book accommodation months in advance. Enjoy a town? Why not stay a little longer. Arrive, and it’s not quite what you had in mind? No worries - just carry on driving! Van travel is the ultimate freedom.

In addition, van travel means having the comforts of home, like a bed, kitchen, shower and toilet on board. These amenities can also save money on expensive accommodation and transportation costs - but more on that later!

Do you need a 4WD to travel around Australia?

Many popular routes throughout Australia can be done with a 2WD vehicle like a campervan. However, there are some road safety regulations to be aware of when renting a travel van with Britz. Some unsealed roads aren’t accessible in a 2WD and require a 4WD to access, especially in the outback. If you are craving the ultimate outback experience, then you may want to consider renting a 4WD for your Australian road trip.

At Britz, we have three main 4WD camper options to choose from.

5 Berth Safari Landcruiser 4WD 

The 5 Berth Safari Landcruiser adventure rig sleeps up to five with a double mattress in a rooftop tent, as well as three single sleeping mats and an annexe. This manual transmission vehicle with a 130L fuel tank is perfect for the more experienced 4WD drivers and anyone looking to get off the beaten path.

5 Berth Outback 4WD 

The 5 Berth Outback is perfect for those secluded adventures in nature. Sleeping up to five adults in two free-standing tents, this 4WD gives a classic Australian bush experience. It also features an auto transmission for ease of use.

5 Berth Safari Auto 4WD 

The 5 Berth Safari Auto sleeps five in a rooftop tent and attached annexe. This modern vehicle comes with touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and auto transmission.

Top tip: The thl Roadtrip app is the ultimate companion for your Australian road trip. Use this to help find local campsites, holiday parks and top Australian attractions. Featuring offline maps, you will also be able to use this app in outback areas to avoid any unsafe or unsealed roads if you’re travelling in a 2WD vehicle.

How long it would take to walk around Australia

In May 2018, Terra Roam became the first woman to walk around Australia solo and unsupported. If you’re following the national highway for most of the trip, it can take up to 897 days. That’s a long time!

How long does it take to drive around all of Australia?

Driving around Australia is often called ‘The Big Lap’, and this is a bucket list drive for many. This lap is roughly around 15,000km, circumnavigating the mainland of Australia. The world record of The Big Lap was six days, eight hours and 52 minutes. But it’s worth noting that this was done on a motorcycle, and we highly doubt this person saw much other than highways. In reality, a full lap of Australia could be done anywhere between three to four months, but to take in the sights and enjoy yourself along the way, you’d want to leave about a year.

For most people looking to experience the country, they don’t have this kind of time.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the very best this country has to offer without doing The Big Lap.

How many days you should allow to explore Australia

We don’t expect you’ll be looking to walk around the country or drive The Big Lap. If you just want a taste of the country, 10 days is a good starting point. We recommend spending over a couple of weeks exploring a region you may particularly love.

The best travel route to travel Australia

Australia is as diverse as it is large, and so the best travel route will vary depending on the parts of Australia you are hoping to visit and the climate you want to experience.

If you are seeking a tropical paradise, then a Queensland coastal trip may be on the cards. Alternatively, if you are seeking an outback adventure, then a Northern Territory and Western Australia road trip may be top contenders. The Australian weather and climate vary dramatically depending on the part of the country you are visiting. Be sure to do your research on the climate you want to experience ahead of time. Some of the top itinerary options for a campervan road trip, include:

For more Australia road trip inspiration, check out our popular routes.

How much money you need to travel around Australia

Choosing a campervan to explore the country is a great way to save money on your travel. But the amount of money you will need for your trip will ultimately depend on how you travel, how you choose to fill your days, and what kinds of accommodation you choose.

There are a huge number of free/donation-based campsites around the country. These can be anything from roadside stops to designated campgrounds and national parks. Travelling in a campervan, you will need to plug into a powered site at a caravan park every few nights. But these can also be quite inexpensive compared to hotels, ranging between $25-$70 per night.

To get the most out of your holiday, try using a budget planner to map out your expenses. That way, you can ensure you have money for your rental, food, accommodation, as well as activities. For more tips on budget-friendly travel, check out our guide to enjoying Australia on a budget.

How to easily travel around Australia with Britz

If you’re choosing to travel around Australia via campervan, Britz makes the process simple. With 10 branches throughout Australia, competitive pricing and no cancellation fees, the question isn’t ‘if’ but ‘when’. At Britz, we have a range of campervan options for travellers looking to explore this beautiful country. Some of our top campervan options for a big Australian road trip include:

2 berth HiTop 

The 2-berth HiTop is a cute and compact van made for the outdoor-loving adventure couple. With a comfortable bed, and all the regular mod-cons, including a microwave, fridge and gas stove, you are all set to spend your time exploring everything the great outdoors has to offer.

2+1 Berth Venturer Plus 

The 2+1 Berth Venturer Plus is the ideal family adventure van. With room for two adults and one child, this cleverly designed vehicle comes with a toilet, shower and kitchen facilities on board.

6 Berth Frontier 

The 6 Berth Frontier is the largest and most spacious of the Britz family. This campervan can sleep up to six people with a Luton bed up top and two double beds that convert into additional seating and living spaces. This is ideal for larger groups, families, or just those looking for a little extra space to relax indoors during their Australian road trip.

For more information, including specs, features and more, check out our full fleet of campervans online.

Ready to book your trip around Australia? 

Australia is an incredible destination perfect for road tripping. Whether you choose to explore the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of the coast, or the red dirt highways of the outback, it is bound to be an adventure to remember.

Ready to book your trip around Australia? Book your Britz campervan online today. Then, when the time comes, all you have to do is pick it up from any Britz branch before starting your journey.