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The Great Ocean Road


One of the most iconic destinations in Australia, the Great Ocean Road stretches 250kms along the southeastern coast of Australia. This drive is one of the most iconic campervan trips in Australia, known for its stunning coastline and towering cliffs. The whole journey is Australian Natural Heritage Listed and immerses any traveler in spectacular scenery, iconic landmarks, and historical sites. In many places, the coastline meets the road, providing sensational views of Australian beaches, as well as remarkable scenes from the 12 Apostles to Loch Ard Gorge.


5 days


Melbourne to Melbourne Round Trip


Best Time of the Year

All year round


  • Bells Beach
  • Apollo Bay
  • Otway National Park
  • 12 Apostles
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • Port Fairy
  • The Grotto

The Journey


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Day 1
Melbourne to Apollo Bay

Distance 186km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Getting straight into the road trip, the lazy drive to Torquay from Melbourne will take you just over an hour and lead you directly to the hub of many of the best surf beaches Australia has to offer. Immerse yourself in surf culture by visiting Bells Beach, the world-renowned surf destination. Not only is this a spectacular place to stop off, but it is also a big part of Australian culture.

Continuing on your trip, for the next distance to Apollo Bay, your views will consist of breathtaking ocean views - make sure you make a few stops at lookouts to stretch your legs, take some photos, go for a beachside walk, and have some fish and chips on the beach for lunch.

Just 5km out of Apollo Bay is a magical experience waiting for you. Wildlife Wonders ecotourism experience opened in December 2020. Visitors to this conservation area will be surrounded by Australian native wildlife like koalas, potoroos, bandicoots, and kangaroos. This cool experience is worth a stop, especially set against a glorious ocean backdrop.

Apollo Bay Holiday Park is the perfect place to set up camp for the night.

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Day 2
Apollo Bay to Warrnambool

Distance 160km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Apollo Bay is an incredibly scenic seaside village, and one of the most beautiful stops on the Great Ocean Road Drive. From Apollo Bay, you can make your way to Otway National Park, beautifully lush rainforests with far corners waiting for you to explore. Stopping at Otway is a must, and will offer you a different experience from all the beaches on the Great Ocean Road drive. Otway National Park will surround you with plenty of walking tracks to take you through towering rainforests, lush fauna, and plenty of amazing waterfalls.

Leaving Great Otway, along the coast, you will see the 12 Apostles, one of the most astonishing sights in Australia. Seeing these towering limestone formations should be something to tick off the bucket list for anyone visiting Australia.

There is a local campervan park in Warrnambool, perfect for spending the night.

Tourism Australia

Day 3
Explore Warrnambool and Surrounds

In close range to the 12 Apostles is Loch Ard Gorge, two pillars are left standing from the once stone archway. Loch Ard Gorge is an excellent sight to see in Port Campbell National Park.

Another exceptional piece of coastline that is a must-see, is the Grotto. The Grotto is a fragmentary cave, archway, and blowhole and is something that will leave you awestruck. Although in windy weather, it is best to stay above the Grotto, on a sunny, flat day you can get considerably close to this beauty of nature.

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Day 4
Warrnambool to Port Fairy

Distance 30km - Driving Time About 30 minutes

Port Fairy is a quaint fishing town situated on the iconic shipwreck coast of Victoria. This charming spot has lots to explore, walking along the river, visiting the beaches, taking a stroll along the iconic wharves and spotting the lighthouse, or taking a historic walking trail to see old whaler's cottages are all exciting ways to get to know this town.

Gardens and Southcombe Caravan parks are central to Port Fairy and an ideal location to park a campervan whilst exploring.

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Day 5
Port Fairy to Melbourne

Distance 290km - Driving Time About 3.5 hours

The time has come for the end of this magnificent road trip. By taking the inland route, you can journey back through Warrnambool and the relaxed inland route towards Colac. About an hour into your drive, visit Camperdown and stop off for a coffee and incredible full-circle views of Mt Sugarloaf and Mt Leura. Back on the homestretch, stop off for a drink and a meal at Otway Estate to soak in the views of the hinterland of the Otway's.