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5 Nov 2015


Sydney Surf Road Trip Tips

My aim was to escape Sydney asap and find a peaceful piece of coastline where I could park my van, open the boot and watch the surf from dawn to dusk before having a beer and doing it all over again. I accomplished that and discovered some hidden gems along the way.

Between Sydney and Crescent Head there are plenty of cosy little nooks and crannies you can spend a few days. I just wanted to surf really good waves and spend time lazing around a quiet little seaside town. 

Depending on your curiosity you can find some pretty good waves and sweet overnight spots perched on top of cliffs from Shelly Beach to Forster on the Emerald Coast. Only thing is that you'll have to turn off the main highway and take the scenic route, which is a slower, windier road but worth it if you have the time. 

20 Oct 2015


Spotlight on the Sunshine Coast

By Britz Crew

Easily earning its name, the Sunshine Coast is an iconic part of Queensland and a popular holiday spot for Australians. Being only 45 minutes from Brisbane, it's especially popular over the summer months when many people from Brisbane escape the city and head north.

What do we love most about the Sunshine Coast? Compiling this list was not an easy task! There are so many things to love about this beautiful part of the world, so here are the top reasons to go and visit!

5 Oct 2015


Reconnect With Your Family in Queensland

By Britz Crew

Looking for the perfect family holiday? Queensland is the place to go! With something on offer for every budget, you could find yourself exploring theme parks, spending days on endless beaches and reefs, walking through rain forests and learning about the natural environment, checking out local markets or whiling away the days on an island paradise. It's your family adventure, you choose what direction to take… In case you're not really sure where to start on your Queensland adventure, here are our top tips!

2 Sep 2015


An Australian Summer Road Trip

By Britz Crew

As we're firmly on the home straight towards 2016, it's time to start thinking about what next year has in store for you. For us, plans for the New Year always involve a resolve to eat more healthily, hit the gym and travel the world. Unfortunately another year passes and dreams of travelling the world never quite pan out as we'd hoped.

So for 2016, we're going to start early: make it your most adventurous year yet and start planning now. Why not kick off proceedings with a short summer tour of Australia? There's plenty to explore: with a Britz campervan you've got the freedom to unearth the culture and history of this fantastic country.

27 Jul 2015


Top National Parks in Australia

By Britz Crew

It is no mistake that millions of tourists visit Australian shores each year. With unrivalled scenery, unique wildlife and some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, there is an endless supply of things to see and do. Visitors and locals alike fall in love with our rugged mountain ranges, lush wild rainforests and jaw-dropping natural and manmade attractions.

If you're looking to explore our great outdoors, we've put together a collection of the best National Parks in Australia to give you a head start in planning your next itinerary.

11 May 2015


Essential Campervan Checklist

By Britz Crew

If you're new to the whole campervan road trip holiday idea, this list will help you to cover off a few extra items to pack in your bags to help you prepare for your first ever campervan adventure!

Britz vehicles come armed with a range of accessories like your cooking and dining essentials, but it's always nice to have a few extras for those 'just in case' moments.