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NSW Royal National Park, Australia

Top National Parks in Australia


It is no mistake that millions of tourists visit Australian shores each year. With unrivalled scenery, unique wildlife and some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, there is an endless supply of things to see and do. Visitors and locals alike fall in love with our rugged mountain ranges, lush wild rainforests and jaw-dropping natural and manmade attractions.

If you're looking to explore our great outdoors, we've put together a collection of the best National Parks in Australia to give you a head start in planning your next itinerary.

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Purnululu National Park – Western Australia

Home to extensive sandstone, cone-shaped terrain, World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park is an impressive landscape of beehive towers (aka the Bungle Bungle range), deep gorges and wide canyons which you'll encounter if you take on our Broome to Kununurra road trip. Access is via Spring Creek Track during the dry season due to flooding and only by 4WD vehicles. If possible, take a helicopter ride to truly experience the sheer size and impressive nature of these ranges.

Royal National Park – NSW

Located one hour north of Sydney Royal National Park is the second oldest National Park in the world after Yellowstone in the USA. Known as one of the most biologically and floristically diverse national parks for its wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna, the Royal National Park is home to many rare and threatened species, as well as deer, possums, sugar gliders, wallabies, platypus and an abundance of birds including the yellow-tailed black cockatoo, kookaburras and lyrebirds.

A great place to explore, the Royal National Park offers plenty of photograph opportunities, beautiful scenery and a chance to glimpse rare animals that call this park home. In a camper, it's easy to make this National Park a stop as part of a day trip or extend your stay and spend a few days exploring the wealth of sights and adventures the 'Nasho' has to offer. Stop by and take in the breath-taking scenery whilst on our Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney to Wollongong, or take a detour to the park on another NSW road trip.

Flinders Ranges National Park – South Australia

Many of our South Australia itineraries will take you via the Flinders Ranges National Park. Flinders Ranges National Park is Australia's largest mountain range and is located 450km north of Adelaide and is known for its natural, cultural and geological significance. With so much to explore in the park, a campervan is your best option for getting around. Located in the heart of the park is Ikara, which is aboriginal for 'The Meeting Place'. Ikara is a public art space where Aborigines are able to share their stories and artwork with visitors and the community. The Flinders Ranges has a deep history with both European settlement and Aboriginal culture.

Wilpena Pound Resort is nestled amongst the wilderness and offers a camping experience like no other. Get up close and personal with the local kangaroos and emu population, and keep an eye out for a wedge tailed eagle soaring overhead.

Narawntapu National Park – Tasmania

Narawntapu National Park is located on the eastern side of the Rubicon Estuary in Tasmania and hosts a wide range of ecosystems and attractions including a historic farm, beaches, inlets, headlands, dunes, and lagoons. The Park is home to an array of plants and wildlife and is known for its unique coastal headlands, its importance as a habitat for the native animals that reside within its boundaries and its value as a recreational area for tourists.

At dusk, the marsupial population comes to life and guests are able to witness forester kangaroos, Bennetts wallabies, pademelons and wombats making their way through the landscape. The lagoon is an ideal place for birdwatching with its large variety of birdlife. Check it out at the beginning of your journey from Devonport to Burnie on the Nature Trail. Get up close and personal with nature by parking your camper in the National Park camping ground, Springlawn: talk about a room with a view!

Grampians National Park – Victoria

Located in the Grampians region of Victoria, 260km west of Melbourne and 460km east of Adelaide, Grampians National Park has been listed on the Australian National Heritage List for the numerous indigenous rock art sites in the area. If you're driving one of our Sydney to Melbourne routes, or you're undertaking the world-famous Great Ocean Road drive then the Grampians is a must-see. 

The Grampians are a striking landscape of sandstone cliffs and rocky outcrops. Comprised of five separate ridges, this area is significant due to its varieties of flora and fauna in addition to the Aboriginal rock art. The park itself has more than 160km of walking tracks through fern gullies, waterfalls and scenic lookouts. There are plenty of activities on offer, including bushwalking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, cycling and swimming in some of the lakes. Pitch up your campervan at one of the many campsites in the park and take advantage of a few days to explore.

Undara Volcanic National Park – Queensland

Located around 300km south west of Cairns, and as the name suggests, Undara Volcanic National Park is an ancient volcanic site which now encompasses one of the longest lava tube caves in the world. The area, once covered in molten lava has metamorphosed into a lush green rainforest with hundreds of caves and hollow tubes that many creatures now call home. Whilst camping is not permitted, a drive through the park will give you the opportunity to spot rock wallabies, bat colonies, owls and plenty of other wildlife. Take a detour to Undara when you're on our Brisbane to Cairns route, or stop off as part of our Cairns to Broome tour.   

If you've been looking for an excuse for an adventure, or somewhere new to explore, then now is a great time to investigate the great Australian outdoors. A great way to explore is with your own campervan, allowing you to take in all the sights from the comfort of your own vehicle. You can hire a 4WD camper to ensure you don't miss a single stop along the journey.