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Aboriginal Experiences: Katherine


Katherine has been an important meeting place for indigenous people for thousands of years. Marking the point where traditional lands of the Jawoyn, Dagoman and Wardaman Aboriginal peoples converge, Katherine remainds an important meeting place to this day. 

Explore the historic culture of Katherine as you discover local galleries, festivals, ancient rock art, crafts and the strong cultural practices of the indigenous people of Katherine. 

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Top Didj Cultural Experience & Art Gallery

Katherine, NT

Experience a truly authentic Indigenous cultural experience led by a local artist. The Top Didj Cultural Experience has been developed to offer visitors a unique cultural interaction with the people of Katherine. Their rich culture allows for local Indigenous artists to tell their stories and showcase traditional activities like fire lighting, spear throwing, and painting. The 2.5-hour tour will connect you with local Indigenous culture and allow you to take part in hands-on activities.

Nitmiluk Tours

Nitmiluk National Park, NT

Nitmiluk Tours explores the beauty of Nitmiluk (Katherine) National Park with a range of cruises, canoes, hikes, walks, swims, and scenic helicopter flights. Featuring some of the most stunning scenery in the Nothern Territory, Nitmiluk Gorge boasts waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife, and breathtaking views of the Jawoyn country. Winding along 12 km of sheer rock over 70 metres high, there are 13 separate gorges to explore in Nitmiluk National Park. Running through the centre is Katherine River. Nitmiluk Tours offers a range of tour options and a campsite which is perfect for campervan accommodation.

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