Man kayaking on Britz campervan holiday

Christmas on the Road


The Christmas holidays are a great time to go on a family road trip. The kids have got heaps of time away from school and most workplaces shut down for a bit anyway. However a campervan Christmas is certainly going to be different to the Christmas at home that you may be used to. Don't worry though, we've thought of everything and we've got heaps of tips on how to make Christmas on the road special for everyone.

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This is a big one, carting around hundreds of presents just isn't going to be practical but the kids will feel pretty short-changed if the present quota is down this year. We suggest going for quality over quantity and aiming for gifts that will be useful on your adventure like snorkel gear, boogie boards, fishing rods and scooters.  

How will Santa find us?

You'd better start working this one out now. Santa is pretty busy this time of year and having to look for you all around the country won't help him at all. Make a solid plan about where you'll be that day and let him know in advance. It would help to let the kids know too just to put them at ease.

Christmas lunch

Most Aussie families' yardstick for a successful Christmas lunch is leftovers. If the ham and potato salad lasts the till the second innings of the Boxing Day Test, you know you've made enough food. With a campervan roadtrip, depending on the vehicle, you'll have a fridge travelling with you – so a ham sandwich on Boxing Day isn't out of the question.

The cricket

If you're on the road, watching the Boxing Day Test and the Sydney to Hobart is going to be difficult. The radio is a great alternative though, find channels that are broadcasting each event and programme them in so you can easily switch between the two. If you're not from Australia – these two events are Aussie traditions.

The tree

The usual six-foot high pine tree is going to hard to pull off in a campervan. We suggest packing some durable Christmas decorations instead and dressing up the closest tree to your campsite. Or string up some fairy lights inside for a bit of festivity when you're staying at a powered site.

Embrace the change

Christmas is celebrated differently all around the world. Take the chance to enjoy a break from tradition. Chances are this Christmas will also be a downsize; embrace the simplicity of a smaller group.