The Great Kimberley Wilderness Loop


This 11 day adventure highlights the best experiences and sights in the Kimberley. Sparsely populated and ruggedly beautiful, the great Kimberley Loop is the ultimate adventure destination and only accessible by 4WD. Dive into gorges filled with crystal clear waters, swim under cascading waterfalls, hike through red rock formations, and immerse yourself in traditional culture to form a deep connection with Australia and its outback. Get active and explore this enchanting corner of Australia.


11 days


Broome to Broome


Best Time of the Year

May to October


  • Broome
  • Purnululu National Park
  • El Questro Wildnerness Park
  • Windjana Gorge National Park

The Journey


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Tourism Western Australia

Day 1
Broome to Fitzroy Crossing

Distance 396km - Driving Time About 5 hours

The Fitzroy Crossing is situated at the edge of the Kimberley's 350-million-year-old reef, beside the banks of Fitzroy River. This destination is the perfect place to be immersed in and learn about the rich culture of Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri, Nyikina, and Wangkatjunka people. Each of these language groups has its distinctive customs and language. Through this area, aboriginal art and culture are strong, with several galleries open to visit, spend the day at Fitzroy crossing immersing yourself and getting to know this culture.

Where to stay: Fitzroy River Lodge

Tourism Western Australia

Day 2
Fitzroy Crossing to Mimbi Caves via Geikie Gorge

Distance 329km - Driving Time About 4 hours

The best way to see Geikie Gorge is a boat tour. Begin your morning with an early cruise through the Geikie Gorge and admire the fascinating geology of this natural wonder. During your cruise, witness crocodiles in their natural element, as well as birds and fish. Experiencing Geikie Gorge by boat is an amazing way to see the land with all its colour and rich history.

Spend your afternoon exploring the breathtaking Mimbi Caves. Mimbi Caves system reveals one of the best-preserved large-scale fossilised reefs in the world. Attracting geologists from all over the world, this inspiring tour will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Where to stay: Mimbi Caves Campground

.Tourism Western Australia

Day 3
Mimbi Caves to Wolfe Creek Crater

Distance 302km - Driving Time About 4 hours

Wolfe Creek Crater is the second largest meteorite crater in the world. Measuring at 880 metres wide, this spectacle is a must-see. Witness the crater by taking a scenic flight or spend the day driving. Aboriginal people understand that many natural features such as rivers and creeks are tracks left behind by large ancestral snakes that once weaved their way across the desert – the origins of the crater are believed to be formed by a giant snake raising its head during the time of creation. Scientists think that Wolfe Creek came about from the impact of a meteorite up to 300,000 years ago.

Where to stay: Wolfe Creek Crater National Park

Tourism Western Australia

Day 4
Wolfe Creek Crater to Purnululu

Distance 212km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Witness the interesting beehive formations of the Bungle Bungle Range in World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park. The orange and black sandstone domes that stand 300 metres above the grass-covered plans surrounding them are one of the most fascinating geological landmarks in the world. Exploring the Bungle Bungle can be done by foot – discover all the natural wonders present at this destination and encounter native animals like the nail tail and short-eared rock wallaby.

Add a Kingfisher Tour experience to your itinerary. These tours take guests to the icons of the Kimberley region whilst focusing on adventure and Aboriginal culture. These tours are led by Indigenous guides who come from the very places they are tkaing you to see.

Where to stay: Bungle Bungle caravan park

Day 5
Purnululu to Kununurra

Distance 252km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Embrace adventure in a world defined by boundless lakes, towering ancient ranges, and illustrious road trips at Kununurra. Take a scenic cruise over lake Argyle and witness the rugged natural landscape. Encounter crocodiles, wallabies, and an extensive array of birdlife in their natural habitat. With the craggy red rocks reflecting on the still water, cruising upon Lake Argyle is the perfect way to unwind and experience an epic Kimberley sunset.

Where to stay: Kununurra Caravan Park & Camping Accommodation 

Tourism Western Australia

Day 6
Kununurra to El Questro Wildnerness Park

Distance 95km - Driving Time About 1 hour

From natural thermal springs to lush gorges and waterfalls, a visit to El Questro provides a lot to see and do. Begin your day by getting straight into it and jumping on to one of the most unique 4WD challenges in Australia. Head to the iconic El Questro Wilderness Pak and take a dip at Zebedee Springs before heading to Chamberlain Gorge for a cruise.

Where to stay: El Questro Wilderness Park

Tourism Western Australia

Day 7
El Questro Wilderness Park to Home Valley Station

Distance 141km - Driving Time About 2 hours

Located upon the iconic Gibb River Road, Home Valley Station will present you with an incredible adventure playground. With cascading waterfalls, billabongs, towering gorges, and spectacular ranges, Home Valley Station is a must-see during your trip. Take a self-guided walking trail to explore the magnificent landscapes of this destination, or jump on a scenic helicopter flight to enjoy the scenery from above. Climb aboard a fishing tour along the Pentecost River. Known as one of the best fishing spots in the Kimberley, you are bound to catch something to prepare for your dinner!

Where to stay: Home Valley Station Campsite

Tourism Western Australia

Day 8
Home Valley Station to Manning Gorge

Distance 281km - Driving Time About 4 hours

Check out the walking trails and ancient indigenous rock art sites at Manning Gorge. Swim beneath the falls or join a guided walk to Upper Manning Gorge. Spend the rest of the day exploring Aboriginal rock art and immersing yourself in the history of this destination. Lay under the star-dotted night sky of the outback and enjoy the natural beauty of the Kimberley.

Where to stay: Mt Barnett Roadhouse

Tourism Western Australia

Day 9
Manning Gorge to Bell Gorge

Distance 126km - Driving Time About 2 hours

One of the most majestic and picturesque gorges in the Kimberley, Bell Gorge. Spend your time here rock climbing, swimming, hiking, or taking in the native wildlife in its element.

Where to stay: Dulundi (Silent Grove) Campground

Tourism Western Australia

Day 10
Bell Gorge to Windjana National Park

Distance 133km - Driving Time About 2 hours

Shaped by the Lennard River, Windjana Gorge is over 3kms long and surrounded by 300 metre high walls. At the bottom of the gorge sits deep freshwater pools, surrounded by native fruit trees that attract flocks of wildlife. Experience the 3.5 walk trail through Windjana Gorge National Park, one of the most stunning gorges in the Kimberley. This walking track will take you to explore the reef system which has been forming over the last 350 million years.

Where to stay: Windjana Gorge Campground

Day 11
Windjana National Park to Broome via Derby

Distance 374km - Driving Time About 5 hours

Begin your journey back to Broome. Spend your last day exploring the enchanting town of Broome. Spend the afternoon at Cable Beach to unwind under the stars and reflect on your trip.