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West Kimberley Crossing


Take a trip to west Kimberley and experience real Australian adventure. Home to a 350-million-year-old reef system that has created a trio of incredible natural treasures, West Kimberley is an Australian natural treasure that us a must-see outback adventure. During this 4WD experience, lose yourself in one of the last true wilderness destinations on earth and immerse yourself in the pioneering spirit of Kimberley whilst adventuring off the beaten track. Our 4WD's have everything you need for an epic outback holiday. Experience another level of road trip by exploring off the beaten track and discovering private natural beauties in a Britz 4WD.


5 Days


Broome to Broome


Best Time of the Year

May to September


  • Gibb River Road
  • Windjana Gorge National Park
  • Tunnel Creek National Park
  • Geikie Gorge National Park

The Journey


1 2 3 4 5

Tourism Western Australia

Day 1
Broome to Derby

Distance 222km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Immerse yourself in Derby's history, heritage, and culture with a visit to Boab Prison Tree, Wharfinger's House Museum, Mowanjum Art, and Cultural Centre. For the rest of your day, spend it on a scenic flight passing over the only Horizontal Waterfalls in the world, as well as the 1,000 islands and islets of the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Where to stay: Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park

Tourism Western Australia

Day 2
Derby to Fitzroy Crossing

Distance 295km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Windjana Gorge National Park is arguably one of the most stunning Gorges in Kimberley. With an easy 3.5km walking trail leading you to explore the ancient reef system, this destination is an interesting experience. Tunnel Creek National Park is the oldest cave system in Western Australia. This 750m long tunnel will allow you to experience an unusual subterranean world of bats and crocodiles, whilst being led through this mysterious destination by torchlight.

Where to stay: Fitzroy River Lodge

Tourism Western Australia

Day 3
Fitzroy Crossing to Geikie Gorge

Distance 40km - Driving Time About 30 minutes

Join the local Bunuba people for a cultural tour onboard a river cruise surrounded by the breathtaking 30 metre deep Geikie Gorge. This Gorge was carved by the Fitzroy River through part of an ancient limestone barrier reef that crawls across the west Kimberly. Keep an eye out for native wildlife, from freshwater crocodiles to fossils. The Bunuba Aboriginal people whole guide these tours have a connection to this land dating back to the Dreamtime. Immerse yourself in natural Australian beauty whilst building a connection with the culture and history of the land.

Where to stay: Crossing Inn Caravan Park

Tourism Western Australia

Day 4
Fitzroy Crossing to Mimbi Caves

Distance 180km - Driving Time About 2 hours 30 minutes

The Mimbi Cave system reveals some of the best ancient large-scale fossilized reefs in the world. This spectacular destination attracts geologists from all over the world. One of the best-kept secrets in Kimberly, the Mimbi Caves offer a fast subterranean labyrinth with far corners waiting to be explored.

Where to stay: Mimbi Caves Campground

Tourism Western Australia

Day 5
Mimbi Caves to Broome

Distance 396km - Driving Time About 5 hours

Enjoy and explore the enchanting and exotic pearling town of Broome. Head to Cable Beach to spend the day, or night to watch the glorious sunset. Broome is rich in history and is a welcoming, laid-back town that you could spend days exploring. Warm temperatures and towering palms add to the relaxed, tropical vibe Broome gives off.  

Where to stay: Cable Beach Holiday Park