Gippsland Getaway


Escape to Gippsland and experience the solitude of this destination in the vast eastern corner of Victoria. Make your way through a natural landscape rich in beauty, explore pristine beaches, rolling hills of farmland, and exquisite lakes and mountains. Get outside and active on trails that take you through abundant green scenery, explore charming seaside towns and the wild side this destination has to offer.  


5 days


Melbourne to Melbourne - Round Trip


Best Time of the Year

Spring - Autumn


  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Gippsland Lakes
  • Mallacoota
  • Croajingolong National Park
  • Tarra Bulga National Park
  • Wilson's Promontory

The Journey


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Day 1
Melbourne to Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

Distance 254km - Driving Time About 3.5 hours

The first leg of this trip takes off with a drive to Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park where you will park your campervan for the night. Visting Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park on your way is an excellent stop to experience Australian nature at its finest. The park is perfect for nature walks, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Under the sea, you might see octopuses, crabs, and various coral species as well as fish feeding on the sand, and young great white sharks feeding. After exploring the beach, return to your camper and relax in preparation for the rest of your trip.

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Day 2
Gippsland Lakes to Mallacoota

Distance 346km - Driving Time About 4.5 hours

Mallacoota is a gorgeous coastal town, situated on an undeveloped coastline. Fortunate to have the warmest winter climate in Victoria, this destination is a must-see. One of the greatest escapes in Gippsland, Mallacoota is encapsulated by the incredible wilderness of Croajingolong National Park, set against a backdrop of the gorgeous Mallacoota Inlet. The National Park is home to over 50 mammal species including kangaroos, koalas, bats, wallabies. As well as the land wildlife, whales, dolphins, and seals are likely to be sighted along the coastline here. Renowned for its glorious sunsets, spending a night here, whether it be spent exploring the lakes, inlets, beaches, and cliffs or relaxing Infront of the beautiful sunset should be a bucket-list experience for anyone.

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Day 3
Mallacoota to Metung

Distance 200km - Driving Time About 2.5 hours

The first stop on this leg of the journey is Cape Conran Coastal Park. This park is an important part of an Aboriginal cultural landscape. Dotted with wild ocean beaches, the far-east Wilderness coast is an incredible place to visit at any time of year. Visiting East Cape or Joiner's Channel to dive or snorkel will give you a glimpse into a spectacularly diverse subaquatic ecosystem.

Passing through the tranquil seaside town of Marlo, where the Snowy River meets the Pacific Ocean is the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs whilst getting some refreshments.

With plenty of camping grounds and holiday parks around, Metung is the perfect place to park up for the evening. There are lakes and rivers to explore, as well as opportunities to get close to kangaroos grazing near the water.

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Day 4
Metung to Wilsons Promontory

Distance 300km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Begin day 4 of your adventure by making your way to Tarra Bulga National Park. This stunning rainforest will present you will mountain ash trees, gorgeous fern gullies, and ancient myrtle beeches. With the rainforest canopy hanging above you, you will feel like you are on another planet encapsulated by the lush fauna. Exploring this cultural landscape is a must-do and one of the highlights of this road trip.

The next and final stop for day 4 is Wilsons Promontory. Having made your way back to the coast, find yourself in one of the most delightful national parks Victoria has to offer. Park your camper up for the evening and enjoy a homemade barbecue dinner in this tranquil setting.

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Day 5
Wilsons Promontory to Melbourne

Distance 240km - Driving Time About 3 hours

Waking up at Wilsons Promontory will be an incredible experience to start your day. Spend the morning exploring your surroundings and everything it has to offer – from walking through eucalyptus forests to white-sand beaches and their secluded coves and so much more. Discover the beautiful granite coastline and unique wilderness of Wilsons Promotonory National Park on the Wilsons Promontory Cruise. Discover a rugged and raw coastline like no other whilst getting close and personal with an Australian Fur Seal Colony. On your journey home, make sure to stop off at any of the villages along the way to be immersed in Gippsland's wine and dairy country.