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Epic WA roadtrip


Jai is an Australian based content creator who loves to travel and explore the unknown. So he decided to take his three friends on a roadtrip to remember. They had an amazing time exploring the West Coast of Australia in a Britz 4WD. Because all you need to have fun is a trusty 4WD, mates and spectacular views! 

Read all about their Perth to Perth itinerary and experience with our Britz Safari Landcruiser below and make sure to watch the video of their epic roadtrip. 


9 days


Perth to Perth


Best Time of the Year

April to November


  • Pink Lake
  • Coral Bay
  • Exmouth
  • Turquoise Bay 
  • Waroora Station
  • Geraldton

Day 1
Perth to Geraldton

Distance 415km - Driving Time 5 hours

The start of an epic journey! We picked up our Britz 4WD Landcruiser from the Perth branch before hitting the road, Geraldton bound. There were 4 of us so we had to play a bit of Jenga with the boot to fit in all of our luggage and camera gear. 5 hours later we made it to Geraldton and spent the night with family as we planned a course for the days to come.

Day 2
Geraldton to Pink Lake

Distance 300km - Driving Time 4 hours

On the second morning, we woke up early and drove to the Pink Lake, just outside of Kalbarri. This spot is well known to tourists and an epic photo location as the lake is literally pink in colour. It can be accessed by all variations of Britz campervans (2wd and 4wd). We spent a few hours here and then continued the journey about 300kms North before stopping at a roadside rest stop to set up camp. The sun was on its way down but we managed to set up the tents and food without much trouble, the instructional videos on the in-vehicle tablet came in handy. Two of us slept in the top roof tent and two in the bottom tent and we were out like a light - who knew driving could burn so much energy.

Day 3
Coral Bay

We had a lot of ground to cover this day, but luckily we had two drivers who took it in turn to navigate the roads. We chose to break up the trip with a few stops. First up was the Billabong roadhouse for breakfast and a sneaky game of pool ($3 well spent) before continuing on to what we liked to call West Australia’s ‘Uluru’. Basically just a big plateau next to the highway but we took it as a chance to pull out the drone and catch a breath of fresh air. We reached Coral Bay a little while after that and wandered down to the beach just in time for a swim and sunset drinks. Bill’s Bar had a dinner special on so we hung out there for a few ours. We all loved Coral Bay, one of our favourite stops.

Day 4
Coral Bay to Exmouth

Distance 127km - Driving Time 2 hours

Day four rolled around and it was time to test out the ‘Cruisers off-road ability'. We had all been 4WD’ing but by no means were we great at it, but that was half the fun! A quick snack of cheese and biscuits and we were back on the highway, heading due north to Exmouth. We stayed at the Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort right in town, across from the famous “giant shrimp”. Knowing the next day was going to be a big one, the girls whipped up a meal and we hit the hay soon after.

Day 5

A 5.30am wake-up call saw us walking to the Ningaloo Blue office for a big day out on the water swimming with Whalesharks. We recommend booking this tour well in advance because it’s a popular one. The weather didn’t want to cooperate but we still managed to jump in a handful of times with the gentle giants and spot a few other whales and sea creatures throughout the day. After lunch, we were handed a glass of champagne on the boat and were taken ashore. When we returned to camp we decided to go to the local pub Froth for a meal. They have local beers on tap and are very passionate about their selections! A nice way to end the day.

Day 6
Turqoise bay to Ningaloo Station

Distance 80km - Driving Time 1 hour

Day 6 came around and it was time to start heading back down South again. We felt like we hadn’t had a chance to really stretch the legs of our hired beast, so we spent the day driving through the national park and along the coast towards Ningaloo Station.

Turquoise bay was one of our favourite stops - a picturesque white sand beach about half an hour out from Exmouth. We ended up stopping at a small camp spot next to the beach. A sunrise mission was on the cards for the following day so we all decided to keep the car and tents packed and just sleep out on the beach. A little colder than we expected but definitely glad we did it! Nothing quite like sleeping next to a crackling fire and under a thousand twinkling stars.

Day 7
Waroora Station to Beach Campsite

Distance 200km - Driving Time 2 hours 30 mins

This morning we wanted to check out an old abandoned lighthouse that we had spotted the day before. A stunning view of the ocean and the bush, and made for some equally-stunning photos. After a quick breakfast, we headed off on another 4WD journey along the coast towards Waroora station. Unfortunately, a lot of the camp spots were taken (peak 4WD season made last-minute planning a little risky) but we still managed to find a nice little beach camp down at a place called The Lagoon. We arrived to find one of our tomato sauce bottles had exploded in the fridge, but nothing could dampen our spirits. One soggy, tomato infused dinner later and we pulled out the playing cards for a few games (card games had become a bit of a ritual at this point).

Day 8

Distance 300km - Driving Time 4 hours

Day 8 and we were up early for a LONG drive back to Geraldton. Initially, we were going to stop earlier and break the driving up but a fresh water shower and Grandma’s home cooked dinner was too good to pass up, so we pushed through to Geraldton and stayed with family again, but not before visiting the local stores in town for some souvenirs.

Day 9

Distance 300km - Driving Time 4 hours

Our final day, and another early wake up. We knew about some sand dunes just south of the town that were great for photos. A bit of salt and fresh air turned out to be the best way to start the day. We set off back home, dropped off half of the crew and washed the car. An epic adventure that left us creatively inspired and physically exhausted (a worthy trade-off). Big thanks to Britz for the 4WD campervan and local knowledge - couldn’t have done it without ya!


Inspired to explore the West Coast of Australia and to rough it off-road with our range of Britz 4WDsTo get started on this journey, book a Britz campervan or 4WD today. Or check out our latest deals and specials here.

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