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Southern Ocean Drive


See the Fleurieu Peninsula, Limestone Coast and Kangaroo Island on this coastal drive. South Australia is home to an abundance of natural wonders and untouched wilderness. Hit the road with this itinerary and uncover some of the best wineries in Australia, awe inspiring beaches, and incredible geological wonders.


10 days


Adelaide to Kangaroo Island


Best Time of the Year

All Year Round


  • Mount Gambier
  • Umpherston Sinkhole
  • Tantanoola Caves
  • Coonawarra
  • Robe
  • Coorong National Park
  • Kangaroo Island

The Journey


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South Australia Media Gallery

Day 1
Britz Adelaide to Piccaninnie Ponds

Distance 474km - Driving Time 5 hours

Pick up your campervan from Britz Adelaide and head straight to the Limestone Coast. Home to some of South Australia's most incredible natural wonders. Spend your afternoon at the Piccaninnie Ponds, exploring an underwater oasis of crystal-clear waters and abundant underwater forests. These ponds are world-renowned by divers and will show you surreal subterranean forests with aquatic plants up to 15 meters below the surface.

Spend your evening unwinding at the BIG4 Blue Lake Holiday Park enjoying the gardens and soaking up the epic views of the surrounding valley.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 2
Piccaninnie Ponds to Mount Gambier

Distance 33km - Driving Time 30 minutes

Begin your day with a coffee and brunch from the Coffee Bay Blue Café. Home to extinct volcanoes, sparkling blue waters, and an underground garden of Eden, Mount Gambier is an incredible location and should be a must-see on everyone's bucket list.

Once upon a time, the famous Blue Lake was an active volcano – which has now given way to a 72 metre deep lake filled with striking blue water. This swimming hole is encapsulated by 10 metre limestone walls and filled with crystal-clear water.Reward yourself after the drive here with a plunge into this unique swimming experience.

The wonders of Mount Gambier continue below ground into a subterranean oasis in the town centre, the Umpherston Sinkhole. Discover this beautiful sunken limestone garden, covered in lush flora and fauna.

For some afternoon fuel, Presto Eatery is the perfect lunch spot. Make sure you come with an appetite so you can indulge in the epic food offerings.

Head back to the BIG4 Blue Lake Holiday Park for a campervan-cooked meal whilst unwinding from your adventure-packed day.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 3
Mount Gambier to Tantanoola Caves

Distance 30km - Driving Time 20 minutes

Tantanoola Caves are hidden beneath a cliff face just 20 minutes away from Mount Gambier. Said to be slowly revealed by the constant pounding of the ocean over time, the Tantanoola Caves are a magical cave dropping with sparkling stalagmites and stalactites. Explore this 30 metre wide chamber embellished with pink and brown crystals. This stunning interior has taken thousands of years to develop. The floor-to-ceiling crystal columns will leave you amazed by the sheer beauty and natural history of the cave.

After exploring the caves, take advantage of the picturesque picnic grounds and the cliff-top walking trail to absorb all the panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

To end your day of learning and exploring, head back to the BIG4 Blue Lake Holiday Park to relax and prepare for your upcoming road trip adventures!

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 4
Tantaloola Caves to Coonawarra and Penola

Distance 77km - Driving Time 50 minutes

Take a break from your action-packed exploring few days, and spend a while making your way around Coonawarra, Australia's red centre. This destination is well catered to lovers of red wine. With more than 24 cellar doors filling this small region, there is plenty of exploring and testing to be done!

Penola is a picture-perfect country town where you will find an incredible selection of food and wine experiences. Take it easy and enjoy a lazy lunch whilst overlooking the vineyards at Hollick Estates, or head to the main street to Koonara Wines to taste a local drop.

After a day of wining, dining and unwinding, spend your evening at the Penola Caravan Park.

South Australia Media Gallery - Mish and Kirk

Day 5
Penola to Robe

Distance 112km - Driving Time 1 hour and 20 minutes

Why not continue the relaxation focus of this trip? Head to Robe and soak up the sun at this picturesque coastal town. After lounging on this sandy white beach, head to town and explore the trendy galleries and cafes, as well as shops that are dotted along Long Beach.

Enjoy sampling a selection of local seafood on offer and unwind with a local brew at Robe Town Brewery before heading to Sea Vu Caravan Park to spend the evening beachfront, taking in the uninterrupted ocean views.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 6
Robe to Coorong National Park

Distance 151km - Driving Time 1 hour and 40 minutes

Coorong National Park is home to towering dunes, quiet waterways, and white sandy beaches. Stretching along a 130km coastline, this national park is home to a diverse wetland system and has an abundance of elements to discover and explore. Spend some of your day kayaking atop the peaceful waters, relaxing on the pristine beaches, and witnessing the abundance of birdlife.

Discover the important Aboriginal culture of the Ngarrindjeri people and be sure to stick around to take in the glorious sunset over the Coorong.

Park your camper for the night at Lake Albert Caravan Park.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 7
Coorong National Park to Langhorne Creek

Distance 113km - Driving Time 1 hour and 40 minutes

Langhorne Creek is another popular winemaking destination. Spend your time here exploring the grand cellar doors at Angus Plains Winery. Enjoy a lazy day experiencing the incredible wine this region has to offer, all whilst taking in the incredible backdrop of the Fleurieu Peninsula coastline.

Spend the night at Frank Potts Reserve alongside the Bremer River. Close to town, head in for a dinner or find a shady spot under the trees and enjoy a homemade feast.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 8
Langhorne Creek to Victor Harbour and Port Elliot

Distance 63km - Driving Time 50 minutes

The next stop on your Southern Ocean Drive roadie is Victor Harbour. This holiday town is well known for its incredible surf beaches and penguin colony. Some visitors are lucky enough to witness southern right and humpback whales enjoying the waters.

Nearby is Port Elliot, a quaint seaside town home to some of the best beaches South Australia has to offer. Spend your days here soaking up the sun and seaside, whilst exploring cafes and shops through the charming streets of these towns.

Spend your night at the BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks, Port Elliot. Located on the beachfront of horseshoe bay, there are unreal scenes to take in during your overnight stay.

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 9
Port Elliot to Deep Creek Conservation Park

Distance 48km - Driving Time 40 minutes

Deep Creek Conservation Park is the perfect destination to exert some energy and stretch your legs. With more than 15 walking trails to choose from, ranging from bushland to coastal views, waterfalls, pristine beaches, and a range of wildlife – whichever track you choose, you are bound to be entertained. 

After a big day of exploring, spend a relaxing evening at the BIG4 Cape Jervis Caravan Park. 

South Australia Media Gallery

Day 10
Deep Creek Conservation Park to Kangaroo Island

Distance 122km - Driving Time 2 hours and 30 minutes

Kangaroo Island is an incredible island escape and a one-of-a-kind way to round off your Southern Ocean Drive Road Trip. Drive your camper onto the SeaLink Ferry to make your way to this incredible destination. Spend as long as you like enjoying nature, swimming with dolphins in pristine water, relaxing on the sand of these placid beaches, and explore national parks filled with wildlife.

With so much to see on the special slice of paradise, set aside a few days to take in all that Kangaroo Island has to offer.

Spend your nights at the Kangaroo Island Seafront Holiday park.

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