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10 Tips For Summer Campervan Travel


Ahh, summer. Just saying the word conjures happy images of blue skies, the sun on your face and hours spent lazing on the beach. Australia is blessed with stunning coastlines, just begging for a campervan road trip with your partner, furry friend, best mate or even a big family group. With school holidays falling right in the middle, summer is also a fabulous opportunity to take the kids on the road.

Whether you choose a 5 day trip or a more extended holiday, there are plenty of options to explore! Britz offers some great options for touring Australia during the warmer months.

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Why you should take a summer campervan holiday

Not only is summer a relaxing and beautiful time to travel, there are several advantages to choosing a campervan holiday for your next vacation.

  • Enjoy the freedom to explore! Go where the wind takes you when your holiday home is on wheels. Stay a little longer in places you love, or move on to your next destination if you’re not feeling it.
  • It’s more comfortable than tenting. With a campervan holiday, you’ll get to take the comforts of home with you as you explore the great outdoors. No stuffy tents, thin mattresses or sandy sleeping bags here! Running water, a full kitchen to cook in, a fridge to keep food fresh and a bathroom are just some of the many benefits to taking a campervan on holiday. Get a better night's sleep, make yourself coffee in the morning and be ready for whatever your adventure brings.
  • You can escape the heat with ease. Aussie summers are notoriously hot, so having a place to escape the heat is a huge plus! AC will keep you cool and comfortable on the road, while your inbuilt fridge means your bevvies will always be cool and refreshing.

Best of all, a campervan lets you holiday on your terms, without the hassle. Convinced? Book now! Before you head away, check out our top ten tips to help you have a fun and safe trip in summer. Let's get going!

1. Be extra sun smart

Australia's sun is one of its major drawcards. You can expect to tackle soaring temperatures while you're there, especially if you head to the (quieter but warmer) north.

Don't let sunburn, or heat stroke in more severe cases, ruin your holiday! The old Slip Slop Slap and Wrap sun-smart campaign still rings true! Whether you're on the road or relaxing at the beach, make sure you regularly slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen (preferably factor 30+), slap on a hat and wrap those peepers in some sunnies. Glare can be a real problem for drivers, so make sure you prep yourself with some good quality sunglasses.

While you're out and about, we recommend finding a spot of shade during the hottest part of the day. Ensure you drink plenty of water while travelling (and don't count the water content in beer, either!).

Like our mates in NZ, our ozone layer isn't in tip top shape, so sunburn is something to be careful of. Keep yourself sunblocked, not just while you're outside enjoying the sun, but while you're driving to your next destination, too. Be sun smart and enjoy your summer adventure more.

2. Stay hydrated

Let's talk about sweat, baby. It's not glamorous, but it's a reality when you're hanging out somewhere hot - even if you're doing nothing but reading a book on the beach!

Bring along a water bottle and keep it and yourself topped up during the day. You'll find plenty of fill-up spots in popular places and at campsites, or pick up a 20L bottle or two the next time you visit the grocery store, just to stay on the safe side!

Speaking of topping up, it's essential to keep your campervan's water tank full, too, especially if you're going to enjoy a spot of freedom camping. A bit like petrol, you don't want to run out and find yourself in a sticky situation. Try to stick to using the top half of the tank, not the bottom one!

3. Keep cool in and out of your campervan

Summertime is dreamy, but the heat can sometimes feel a little relentless, especially when you're struggling to get a good night's sleep! If you're going coastal, make sure you park somewhere where you can enjoy the sea breeze.

If you're in-land, head to the hills to make the most of the cooler temperatures at higher elevations. Windows and doors that are fitted with fly screens can be left open to let the cool breeze in without having to worry about mozzies.

During the day, try and find yourself a park with plenty of shade, then get out of your van and enjoy going for a dip or visiting somewhere with air-con! Make some time to air the van out before bed by opening up the windows and doors, and if all else fails, plug in a fan to get a breeze going.

Some models in the Britz fleet have different offerings when it comes to helping you keep the van cool. Some offer different air-conditioning options, so check the vehicle details when you book if you're keen on some AC.

Don't forget to indulge in an ice cream or two either.... it is summertime after all!

4. Plan well and book ahead

Summer is a fun time, so it's also a busy time of year to travel - particularly on the coastlines. Between school holidays, festive fun and longer days, there are plenty of people out and about trying to enjoy the long days.

Even if you have a rough itinerary, we recommend some pre-trip research to make notes on a few caravan parks and free camping spots in the areas you plan to visit. If plan A doesn't work, having plans B & C in your back pocket will help keep the stress levels as low as possible. To start your research and get planning check out our advice on where to stay.

If you're not quite up for throwing caution to the wind and you'd prefer to book each night's accommodation, book a site in advance and pat yourself on the back.

On top of booking campsites, if certain attractions or activities have caught your eye, lock them in early too and avoid disappointment - especially during peak season.

If you like reading user tips and feedback about places to stay and things to do, then our free thl Roadtrip App will be a gamechanger.

5. Pack light, pack right

It's summertime! You don't need to take many bulky clothes on board, but you will need some swimming bathers, sandals, flip flops (or thongs if you’re local) and sunglasses. You'll find a fair bit of storage space in your van (you might even be surprised by all the nooks and crannies!) for storing summertime essentials. Think boogie boards for beach bumming, a cricket set or football for the kids, fishing rods and soft ice bricks for the freezer to pop in a collapsible cooler bag for picnics. Your motorhome will come with plenty of bedding, kitchen equipment and a camp chair and table; you just need to bring your summer toys to make it a memorable trip! Not sure what to bring? Check out our handy packing list.

6. Escape the heat

Some people can only take just so much heat, so why not plan a trip to cooler climates for some sweet relief instead?

Heading south is an obvious example. Tasmania is beautiful and has some of the most gorgeous national parks and stunning coastal walks where you'll be protected from the harsh Australian sun. Head to Hobart to collect your Britz campervan. Otherwise, there's always the option of getting high - up in the mountains, that is.

The Queensland Hinterland and the Blue Mountains just out of Sydney are top spots for respite from the heat. Then there's cave-dwelling - visit the stunning Jenolan and Wombeyan Caves near the Blue Mountains for a naturally cooler (and 'cool') experience. How will you choose?

7. Cook outside

While your camper will come with handy cooking facilities, if you're heading for high temperatures, then head outside and have a go on the BBQ instead. Our Venturer model even comes equipped with an exterior slide-out bbq! If you're staying at a campsite with communal cooking facilities including fans, then take advantage as you whip up your dinner. Don't forget to throw in some salad with plenty of cucumber, iceberg and other hydrating veggies to go with your snags!

8. Bugs begone!

Keeping the flies, mozzies and other winged nasties out of your eyes, off your skin and away from the motorhome is essential for a hassle-free holiday. Luckily, this is easy to do when you’re in a camper van! Britz vans come equipped with fly screens to help keep out the critters.

A little extra prep can also help you have a bug-free holiday. We recommend bringing along your insect repellent for outdoor adventures. You can't go wrong with the Aeroguard fly repellent either (somehow that just reeks of an Aussie summer, right?). Pack appropriate lotions in your first aid kit for itchy bites in case they get ya while out and about.

Before you set off in your Britz campervan, ensure you understand how the flyscreens work on the doors and windows, so you can still get a lovely breeze without the uninvited guests.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your food wrapped up and contained in your motorhome while you're not eating.

9. Chill on the electrical goods

In most circumstances, your campervan is the perfect spot for keeping electrical devices charged up and ready for action. If however, you find yourself in a heatwave, you may want to chill on the charging of large devices in your vehicle. That extra energy could create a wee bit of unwanted heat.

In a heatwave, you’ll find that plenty of campsites will provide power sockets in common areas. Grab some shade, meet some fellow travellers and give your phone, laptop or any other charge-able stuff some juice. Normal summer weather? No problem. Charge on with charging, as this shouldn’t affect the temperature in your van.

10. Use reflective car shades

This last tip is a bonus tip! It’s not necessary, but if you’re finding the cab of your van a little warm when you’re back from adventuring, you may want to bring along your reflective car shade. You can pop this up when you're in the van or out and about. They’re also easy to pick up at a local gas station if you are met with an unexpected heatwave during your travels. To cool down the cab quickly, leave windows down for a few minutes or give the AC a good blast and be on your way.

Feeling inspired and ready for your next summer trip?

If you're already dreaming of days at the beach, roadies with your pals, and picnics and cricket with the family, then there is no better time to get planning your summer campervan trip around Australia than the present! Use these top tips to start planning your campervan trip, and beat the summer heat.

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