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Aussie Freedom Camping 101


Freedom camping (or bush camping) is the ultimate outdoor experience!

​​It means being free – just you, your fellow ​travellers and nature. Camping in the bush means that you don't need to worry about plugging your campervan into power, and you can really explore Australia's beautiful, legal camping spots. You'll have the comforts and facilities of your campervan with uninterrupted, stunning views. Just you and the Australian dream of roughing it in the great outdoors.

Before we start, you might want to read up on our tips for first time campers, or read our guide to choosing the right campervan for you! Otherwise, let's get into some questions and answers!

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What are the some of the rules of freedom camping?

First of all, it’s important to note that whenever you camp, you should never leave a trace behind –dispose of waste properly, respect wildlife, don’t tip liquid waste into lakes/rivers, double check your campsite and always respect cultural heritage sites.

Whatever you do, leave no trace.

Next, get acquainted with where you can legally camp on the road – lucky for you, we’ve made it super easy. Just download our Britz Roadtrip app, and you’ll have access to more information on free and authorised campgrounds. Local councils can and will issue fines, so be sure to err on the side of caution.

Campgrounds within National Parks and State Forests are almost always immersive and beautiful, so look up nearby National Parks on the road first. That’s where we always start looking. Some National Parks require camping passes to visit and also stay overnight in. Make sure you check out the rules before bedding down for the night.

So how long can I freedom camp for?

Depending on which campervan you're travelling in, we generally recommend plugging in and powering up your camper every second night; but you can freedom camp for as long as your vehicle has power, really.​

The more equipment you have, the quicker your batteries drain. A good tip is to keep the fridge filled, even by using recycled bottles filled with water, and turning the fridge to a lower setting. Parking the vehicle in the shade can also reduce power consumption.​

Hence why we recommend plugging in and powering up your camper every second night at a minimum. Perhaps alternating your freedom camping spots with Holiday Park camping spots is the most effective way to camp.

What works if my campervan isn't plugged into a power point?

When the domestic (living area) battery has a healthy charge you can run the fridge, house lights and the entertainment, along with gas you can use the water heater. However, the microwave and the sockets for electrical equipment need 240V connectivity to operate. ​

So what are the hard and fast rules of freedom camping?

1) Know where you can legally freedom camp.
2) Utilise our Britz AU Roadtrip App. ​
3) And leave no trace of human pollution when you leave.​

It's as simple as that, travellers. For a list of some incredible campgrounds, check out our favourite freedom camping locations!

Wherever you travel, we guarantee there'll be a freedom campground that lets you bask in nature and wildlife. Have a beautiful time out there, and don't forget to post some pictures for us – just tag #britzcampervans and #gobycamper!