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10 reasons to take your kids on a campervan holiday


Camping holidays are so popular in Australia that they’re considered a national treasure, with Aussies flocking to their favourite spots at every opportunity. It’s been like this for generations, although with each passing year it gets easier and more comfortable. Long gone are leaky tents and long-drop loos! Nowadays there are holiday parks with all mod-cons; comfy, easy-to-drive campervans; high-tech clothing and equipment; wifi and TV rooms; swimming pools and spa tubs; and sometimes even on-site espresso.

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At the heart of the camping experience, however, is relaxed, fun times with loved ones. Interested in a proper family holiday in a Britz campervan? Here are ten reasons to make it happen.

1. Campervans make for hassle-free travel. Climb aboard, unpack your bags, then get straight into the groove of your campervan road trip. As well as being convenient, comfortable, and surprisingly spacious – a real home away from home – Britz campervans can prove very economical, especially if you stay in a mix of scenic reserves and holiday parks, and make the most of your on-board kitchen for meals and snacks.

mission beach britz campervan holiday with kids


2. Turn your holiday into an adventure. With freedom to roam and the option of a flexible itinerary, a Britz campervan holiday offers endless options for exploring new and exciting places, broadening your horizons and building self-confidence along the way.


3. Go where the wild things are. Enjoy being outdoors and encounter all sorts of animals – from sleepy seals along the coast, to cheeky parrots squawking in the rainforest, or kangaroos bouncing through the bush. Australia’s strange and beautiful habitats make for an unforgettable ‘field trip’ – what better way to learn about the natural world?

britz campervans meeting the local wildlife

4. Multiply the fun factor in holiday parks. There’s never a dull moment in Australian holiday parks, with heaps of room to run around, playgrounds, swimming pools, games rooms, and sometimes go-karts, bicycles or even a bouncy pillow. There are usually plenty of people to play with, too.


5. Turn strangers into friends. Aussie campgrounds are legendary for cultivating friendships. Let the kids run riot with the happy-time gang, while you uncork a bottle with the grown-ups. Camping is refreshingly casual, communal, and rooted in the principles of kindness and trust.


6. Switch off. Swap Snapchat and Facebook for a wave and a smile, and reboot your relationships with some good old-fashioned family interaction. To quote Peter, mad-keen campervanner and father of three: ‘The more you take away, the more you get.’


7. Switch on. Is your holiday heading towards a meltdown? Save the day by switching on the television in your Britz campervan, breaking out the laptop, iPad or PlayStation, or sending the troublemakers off to the internet lounge for some time out. You can hook into wifi at most holiday parks, too.

britz campervan family holiday wa


8. Turn darkness into light. Set your children free of the spooks by showing them the delights night time brings – glowworms, shadow puppets, the man in the moon, the Milky Way, shooting stars and songs around the campfire. Don’t forget the marshmallows!


9. Bring Grandma and Grandpa. Spend some special time with your extended family. Bunk them up in your campervan, or arrange for them to drive one on their own. If ‘camping’ isn’t their thing, they can hire a Britz car and stay in the holiday parks’ self-contained cabins or motel rooms.


10. Teach one of life’s greatest lessons. Whether it’s paddling in the creek or building a sandcastle, listening to birdsong or savouring the sunset, or maybe it’s just having a big cuddle after a busy day outdoors. Yes, the best things in life are still free.


Top Tips For Family Campervan Trips

  • Pack plenty of entertainment to keep them amused on the journey. Your infants and toddlers will be content with a handful of stuffed toys and top ups with food and drink to break the journey up, older kids will need more. Try giving them an audiobook or podcast (these are great companions for school age kids), along with games/quizzes on a tablet. A classic game of spotto is always a family classic.
  • Make sure you stop lots. Kids don't really have a concept of time, and so travelling can literally seem endless. Make sure you stop often to let them get out and explore their surroundings, stretch their legs and release some of that energy - your journey will be much more peaceful if you do. In general, plan to travel a maximum of two-three hours per day to allow the kids more time to enjoy the experience.
  • Give kids the option. At a destination, give the kids options of several activities instead of no direction whatsoever. For example if you're at a beach the options could be going snorkelling, or a boat tour. This will make them feel part of the holiday and mean they're most engaged on a day to day basis.
  • Try not to overpack. Your campervan is full of most things you need, so there's no need to overpack. Of course the kids will want/need toys, so allow them a backpack of toys and entertainment and it'll be easier to keep track of all those items as you travel. A mix of outdoor and indoor toys works best for both travel and at campsites.
  • Upsize your camper. Kids love to roam and explore, so going for a larger campervan can be a great idea to allow everyone in the family all the space they need to relax. Our 6 berth vehicles come with 3 beds, so if you're a family of 4, the kids will have their own space to sleep and play in, and you'll have your own space to relax in too. Trust us, this makes a huge difference to the quality of a holiday!