10 Reasons To Take The Kids On A Campervan Holiday


Camping holidays are so popular in Australia that they’re considered a national treasure, with Aussies flocking to their favourite spots at every opportunity. It’s been like this for generations, although with each passing year it gets easier and more comfortable. Long gone are leaky tents and long-drop loos! Nowadays there are holiday parks with all mod-cons; comfy, easy-to-drive campervans; high-tech clothing and equipment; wifi and TV rooms; swimming pools and spa tubs; and sometimes even on-site espresso.

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1. Campervans make for hassle-free travel


Ever thought travelling with kids is a lot of work? Well, travelling in a campervan could be the way to take some of the stress out of trips away. Here’s how van travel takes the hassle out of holidays:

  • There is no need to book accommodation... Forget trying to coordinate adjoining rooms and paying huge sums of money, with a campervan your accommodation is sorted every night for as long as you wish to be away.
  • You can get up and go whenever you are ready... There’s no need to rush packing up hotel rooms and trying to stick to schedules. Enjoy campervan life with no check out times and alarm clocks. Simply hit the road when it suits.
  • You’ve got all your gear with you ready to go... With plentiful storage in larger motorhomes, you can store all your favourite gear and have it with you wherever you go, from the kids camping chairs to mum and dads’ golf clubs.
  • Kids have all their favourite stuff with them... Keeping the family entertained on long stretches of travel can be tricky in a car, so having plenty of room for the kids to bring their toys helps keep them happy and occupied on the road.
  • There is plenty of space on board... Compared with travelling in planes or in cars, a campervan gives you space to spread out, play games and enjoy a bit of breathing room on road trips. This makes for more enjoyable family time, and down time.
  • You have snacks on hand to keep kids from getting grizzly... With plenty of room to store the kids' favourite snacks, plus a fridge to give you more options, the kids will be content between meal times.

2. You can turn your holiday into an adventure


Forget living the same family trip over again, with campervan travel you can have real adventures that make lasting memories for the whole family. Here’s how campervan holidays make for a better adventure:

  • You can stay longer in your favourite spots... If the family is having a great time where you are, why move! A campervan gives you the ultimate flexibility to change plans as you go without any worries.
  • You can go off the beaten track to more peaceful areas... Rather than having to stick to where the hotels are, a campervan allows you to head into more remote areas and enjoy a bit of space to yourselves, not to mention some pretty amazing camping spots.
  • Big windows make for great sightseeing... The best way to see the world is through the huge windows of the campervan. No matter what time of year you go, you are in the comfort of your camper, with heating or cooling on blast.
  • The kids can have more of a say in where you go... Part of campervan adventures is deciding where to go, and when you have flexibility, the kids can have more input in spots to stop along the way rather than everything being planned out for them.
  • Kids gets to have quality time with their family... The busyness of everyday life can mean kids miss out on having adventures with their family, so holiday time in a camper can be made really special.

3. It’s a great chance to go where the wild things are

NSW Royal National Park - Mark Clinton - interior family lake 142.jpg

Most kids love a chance to get into nature and see something wild, and a camper allows them to really get up close.

  • Encounter all kinds of wildlife... Campervan trips provide kids a great opportunity to see some wildlife they might not normally see, from endangered species at conservation spots, to rare and protected animals in the wild. Van travel is a great chance to embrace the lovely Australian weather and get into nature.
  • You can get closer than you would in a typical accommodation... One of the best times to spot rarely seen wildlife is at night, which means you can park right on their doorstep and peep out the windows together.
  • You can spot wildlife from windows in the camper... You certainly don’t have to visit a zoo to see an abundance of wildlife in Australia! Spot animals from the camper windows, whether it’s kangaroos on the road side or whales from the shore.
  • You can get more time in the wild... The benefit of flexible accommodation spots means you can wake up early or stay up a bit later to make the most of seeing wildlife.

4. You can multiply the fun factor in holiday parks

NSW Shoalhaven Heads Holiday Park - Mark Clinton - exterior kids 107.jpg

Travelling with family doesn’t mean you have to give up socialising, in fact it’s the perfect time to meet new people.

  • Holiday parks are great for meeting other kids and families... A perfect way to keep everyone occupied on holiday is to make new friends with other travellers. Whether it’s someone for the kids to run around with, or friends for adults to have a wine with in the evening, you can make the family road trip even more special in a holiday park or caravan park.
  • There are usually lots of great things to do... Holiday parks often have fantastic facilities like pools, playgrounds and media rooms, which can be great for creating even more memories.
  • You’ve got powered sites to charge your devices... A visit to a holiday park gives you a chance to re-charge tablets and ipads for downtime in the camper.

5. It’s the perfect chance to switch off


Devices are a big part of family life these days, but a campervan trip can be a great chance to leave behind anything that might be distracting you from fun.

  • Busy lives can mean you’re overdue for some quality time with the kids... With parents normally working, looking after the household and taking care of day-to-day responsibilities, a camper trip is a chance to spend quality time together. It’s also good for the health of parents to switch off work devices and de-stress.
  • Kids will love having your full attention... With nothing to do but enjoy your travels, the kids will no doubt enjoy all the extra time parents will have without any distractions.
  • Make the most of the quality time doing things you wouldn’t normally do... A campervan trip is the perfect chance to do something different as a family like hiking, playing board games together, or exploring new places.

6. You can spend some family time switching on as well


Being in a campervan doesn’t have to mean leaving all your creature comforts at home, especially if using shared devices is how your family likes to spend time together.

  • Enjoy onboard TV’s, speakers, ipads and gaming devices... Make downtime in the camper special whether it’s watching a movie together or listening to music and having a dance.
  • Use the time to catch up skyping family... Flick on your data or hook into the campsite wifi to stay in touch with loved ones like Grandma and Grandad and update them on all your activities from the day.

7. You can make evenings more fun for the kids


Campervan trips are less likely to include strict bedtimes, so why not make the most of the extra evening time with some fun activities for the kids. That’s if the day of adventuring hasn’t tuckered them out too much of course!

  • Try out some evening activities... There are plenty of Australia attractions that offer evening activities great for kids including glow worm tours or stargazing events.
  • Spot wildlife you wouldn’t normally see... If you are lucky to be parked somewhere like a National Park, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to spot some furry friends out the windows at night.
  • Stay up and watch movies together... Whether you are delving into a classic trilogy or watching the latest family movies out, evening films are a great way to wind down after a day of fun.

8. You can bring your furry friends


How many hotels let you bring your animals along? Britz AU welcomes pets onboard campervans, so you can really have the whole family on the trip. Just make sure to check in advance that your holiday park or national park allows pets too.

  • Bring your dog to the beach or on walking tracks... Throwing a stick at the beach or exploring walking tracks together is a great way to make memories with the family dog.
  • Cuddle up during long trips... If anything beats a soft toy, it’s the family pet. That has to be a nice reminder from home!
  • Keep the kids occupied running around with pets... When parents run out of steam, that’s where pets can come in and do the running around for you.
  • Saves worrying if your pet is ok... Another benefit of bringing your pet along is that you don’t need to worry if they are ok at home as you have them right there with you.

9. You can enjoy quality time with Grandma and Grandad


As they say, the more the merrier, so why not have Grandma and Grandad along for the trip.

  • Get in some quality time you might not normally have... Grandparents often want more time with grandchildren which can be harder in an everyday busy life. Inviting them along gives everyone a chance to bond and share stories.
  • Inviting grandparents also means parents have a bit of extra help with the kids... Grandparents make for a great pair of hands to help out with kids, which can mean a more stress free holiday for everyone. You can choose to travel in the same camper or get a couple of vehicles for a family convoy you’ll never forget.

10. It’s a chance to teach your kids something new


With so much time on your hands, a campervan trip is a chance to teach your kids something new that they can take away as a great memory.

  • Teach them a new skill... Whether you show them a new skill like how to build a raft, or even cook a meal in the camper, kids love to learn and it’s a great chance for them to grow.
  • Show them something you haven’t had time for... Perhaps one of the kids wants to learn how to ride a bike or practice their reading. This time with less distractions is a great chance for hunkering down in a nice spot to teach.

Top Tips For Family Campervan Trips

  • Pack plenty of entertainment to keep them amused on the journey... Your infants and toddlers will be content with a handful of stuffed toys and top ups with food and drink to break the journey up, older kids will need more. Try giving them an audiobook or podcast (these are great companions for school age kids), along with games/quizzes on a tablet. A classic game of spotto is always a family favourite.
  • Make sure you stop lots... Kids don't really have a great concept of time, and so travelling can literally seem endless. Make sure you stop often to let them get out and explore Australia and their surroundings, stretch their legs and release some of that energy - your journey will be much more peaceful if you do. In general, plan to travel a maximum of two-three hours per day to allow the kids more time to enjoy the experience.
  • Give kids the option... At a destination, give the kids options of several activities instead of no direction whatsoever. For example if you're at a beach the options could be going snorkelling, or a boat tour. This will make them feel part of the holiday and mean they're most engaged on a day to day basis.
  • Try not to overpack... Your campervan is full of most things you need, so there's no need to overpack. Of course the kids will want/need toys, so allow them a backpack of toys and entertainment and it'll be easier to keep track of all those items as you travel. A mix of outdoor and indoor toys works best for both travel and at campsites.
  • Upsize your camper... Kids love to roam and explore, so going for a larger campervan can be a great idea to allow everyone in the family all the space they need to relax. Our 6 berth vehicles come with 3 beds, so if you're a family of 4, the kids will have their own space to sleep and play in, and you'll have your own space to relax in too. Trust us, this makes a huge difference to the quality of a holiday!

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