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Choosing the Right Campervan

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Planning your holiday but can’t quite figure out the right camper to hire? Don’t worry. We’ve got just the thing.

There are lots of factors you need to take into account when choosing your vehicle, and if you’re on the road with the people you love, you’ll want to make sure you make the perfect choice.

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How many people are you travelling with?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: how many people are going on this trip?

Our campervans can fit up to six people so tally up your family and friends and make sure you don’t leave anyone out. If you have more than six people, book two vehicles and you can sort out who goes in which vehicle later. Like wedding tables on wheels.

The second question is: would you rather have some extra space?

Even if there are two of you, you might prefer to book a campervan that sleeps four to give you more space on those longer trips. So if you want more legroom, why not upgrade yourselves?


Perfect for a couple,  the Venturer and HiTop provide sleeping for two, whilst the Venturer Plus with the extra child's bed is perfect for a family with a child under 7. You'll get a kitchen, lounge and even a toilet & shower in the Venturer & Venturer Plus. So if you're looking for freedom and flexibility in an easy to drive package, look no further

2 people: Britz Venturer

2 people: Britz HiTop

2 adults, 1 child: Britz Venturer Plus


You might be a couple keen on more space, or a family looking for some quality time away - well, the 4-6 berth range is for you. With apartment-style living, the 4-6 berth range come with multiple sleeping areas, fully furnished kitchens and a lounge to relax in. The Discovery, Explorer and Frontier also come with a toilet shower allowing you to freedom camp. If you're looking for flexibility in travel and the space to take more, these vehicles are for you.

4 people: Britz Voyager

4 people: Britz Discovery

4 people: Britz Explorer

6 people: Britz Frontier

Does size matter?

When choosing your vehicle, you might think a larger campervan would be daunting to drive, and try to choose a smaller one, but fear not! No matter a campervan's size, they’re easier to drive than it may seem so try not to let size become a defining issue. All models have large side mirrors and built-in GPS, while some have reversing cameras, making your drive even smoother.

Toilet & shower

Thinking of bush camping or staying in national parks? Then having your own toilet and shower could be a defining factor in choosing your campervan. Are you parking your campervan at Holiday Parks? If so, maybe they’re not so important. Perhaps the 'hold it ‘til we get there' mentality might be better suited.

In fact, if you’re staying at a Holiday Park, did you know all Britz campers get a 10% discount off powered sites at BIG4 Holiday Park campgrounds? It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Campervans with toilet & shower: VenturerVenturer PlusExplorerVistaFrontier

Campervans without toilet & shower: HiTopVoyager

2WD or 4WD?

Speaking of 4WD adventurers, if you’re looking for an off-road experience during your roadtrip, the vehicles you’re after would be the Britz Safari Landcruiser (4WD) or the Britz Outback (4WD). All other Britz vehicles are 2WD, which means you'll stick to the main, sealed roads for your trip!

Campervan features

We’ve included a little description of each campervan, so you can discover more about the ride you want.

Britz HiTop
Perfect for two people who don’t need an on-board toilet and shower. Includes cooker so you can cook indoors, as well as sink and fridge. Air-con and heater in driver's cab.

Britz Voyager
Great for two to four people who don’t need an on-board toilet and shower. Air-con and heater in driver's cab, as well as nifty pull-down back bed.

Britz Venturer
Perfect for two people, including a toilet and shower, as well as external BBQ. Air-con and heater in driver's cab and main cab. Perfect for a couple who’d like to travel in comfort, with exterior slide-out BBQ, LCD and DVD player.

Britz Venturer Plus
Tailored for a small family – for two adults, one child – and features an outside BBQ. Air-con and heater in driver's cab and main cab.

Britz Explorer
A four-person camper with toilet, shower and fixed rear bed. Perfect for those who want to leave their rear bed made up. Air-con and heater in driver's cab and main cab. With LCD and DVD player.

Britz Vista
Six-person motorhome, but ideal for four adults and two children, with fixed rear bed, toilet and shower. Air-con and heater in driver's cab and main cab.

Britz Frontier
Six-person camper with toilet, shower and u-shaped rear bed. Great seating arrangement to admire your room with a view. Air-con and heater in driver's cab and main cab.

Britz Safari Landcruiser (4WD)
Two-person or three-person 4WD camper available from Broome, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns and Perth, with a rooftop tent that’s easy to set up. Air-con and heater in driver's cab. This five-person camper has a cleverly designed slide-out kitchen unit plus a large one-room tent, awning, camping stools, ratchet straps and roof rack.

Britz Outback (4WD)
A fully automatic, robust 4WD for a comfortable, hassle-free and flexible experience, whether you're on the highway or in the outback. Comes with a stand-alone tent, so you can set up base camp, and explore!

If you still can’t figure out which camper is for you, we’re always here ready to answer your questions, so contact us ​at anytime. Happy planning, traveller!