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Best Beaches in Tropical North Queensland


There is something truly special about Tropical North Queensland beaches. From their white sands and palm trees to their crystal clear waters and warm temperatures, it’s no surprise why people travel from far and wide to immerse themselves in their pure natural beauty. The thing is, there are so many incredible beaches to choose from, so we wanted to make your Queensland road trip itinerary planning that little bit easier with this list of some of our favourite North Queensland beaches, as well as some of our favourite spots to camp. When you’re planning your campervan hire in Queensland, we hope this little list makes the planning a little easier.

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If you want to explore these famous Australian beaches the best way possible, then hiring a Britz campervan is the way to go. Our incredible range ensures that no matter the size of your group or your budget, we have a campervan hire to suit your needs.

The Britz Venturer is perfect for couples and if you’re a family with a small child, opt for the Venturer Plus. Then next up is the Britz Voyager, which is ideal for small families who are looking for the ultimate in compact comfort. For those in groups of up to six people, the Britz Frontier is for you and even has a spacious living area to relax in. If you’re still not sure which campervan is best suited to your group, then we have a blog dedicated to this for you, you can check it out here! Plus, if you’re travelling with kids, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make your adventure an easy and enjoyable one!

This blog is going to cover it all, from where and when you can swim in Tropical North Queensland to all our favourite Australian beaches that are sure to make it to your must-see list. There are so many things to do in Queensland Australia, so we hope you find this blog a great guide when planning your trip.

Can you swim in tropical North Queensland?

A question we hear a lot is, ‘can you swim in Tropical North Queensland?’… and when it comes to answering this, there isn’t a black and white answer. You see, some beaches are safe, while some aren’t. Some have stingers at certain times of the year, and some are known to have crocodiles. The good thing is, there are signs on all of the beaches letting you know if swimming is permitted or not and what times of the year it’s safe to do so. These signs will inform you if you can swim and snorkel safely, or if it’s one of the beaches that is best avoided because of stingers or crocs. Plus, these beaches that aren’t safe to swim at usually have beautiful waterholes nearby for you to cool down in! If you want your road trip itinerary loaded with must-swim-at destinations, then a little research before you set off will ensure you get the most out of your beach-hopping campervan getaway.

Best beaches found in Tropical North Queensland

When it comes to Tropical North Queensland beaches, the options are seemingly endless, so we’re here to give you our top tips on must-see spots. Read on to discover what white sandy beaches should be on your campervan holiday itinerary.

Bingil Cove, Cassowary Coast

Bingil Cove in Mission Beach is one of those beaches that will leave you feeling as if you’ve just been on a private island, all by yourself. With its palm trees and lush rainforest that meets the sand, there is something so special about this stretch of coastline. Whether you feel like lazing on the sand or enjoying a stroll along the scenic walking track through one of the few remaining sections of undisturbed tropical lowland rainforest, Bingil Cove is sure to capture your heart.

The Musgravea Track is a 2.5-hour 6 km one-way track that is much-loved by walkers and mountain bike riders. It requires a medium level of fitness as it features parts where creek crossings are needed as well as descents down sets of stairs.

After a hike or ride, you’ll find a cute cafe, a tasty restaurant, a bar and a convenience store in town with all you need to refuel before your next adventure. Then, at the day's end, you can park your Britz campervan at Bingil Bay Caravan Park. This council park has simple amenities and doesn’t take forward bookings, so all you need to do is turn up, see the caretaker, and find a spot to set up and relax.

Trinity Beach, Cairns

Next on our list of beautiful Tropical North Queensland beaches is Trinity Beach. This famous Australian beach is the quintessential tropical paradise. This gorgeous stretch of coastline is just 30 minutes north of Cairns and is easily accessible, making it a great addition to your campervan road trip itinerary. The beach is patrolled year-round, and during the warmer months, there are stinger nets so you can swim no matter the season.

Other great activities around this area include a selection of drool-worthy seafood restaurants and cute cafes ready to be enjoyed, as well as scenic walks to Taylors Point and Earl Hill. When you’re ready to retreat for the day, we suggest checking out Cairns Crystal Cascades Holiday Park. This is the perfect destination for couples and families alike and offers a peaceful and quiet space to relax. They have a range of campsites available, perfect for your Britz campervan to park up, as well as full amenities and a playground and swimming pool for the kids.

Trinity Beach -TEQ Visual Gallery.jpgImage Source: TEQ Visual Gallery

Chilli Beach, Cape York

Nestled between the reef and the rainforest is the gorgeous Chilli Beach. To access this deserted beach, you’ll be best with a 4WD camper as the bordering national park can be tricky, but so worth it. Britz have three 4WD hire cars to choose from, depending on where you want to go. For times when you’re needing a camper that can take you offroad, then Britz has you sorted with a range of 4WD campers that are available to hire out of their Cairns branch. Each model has automatic transmission and can sleep up to five people. Plus they have different sleeping arrangements within each model, so you can choose the one best suited to your travel needs.

After you’ve followed the road along in your 4WD rental, you can then take a stroll along the beautiful white sandy beach, which is best done during an outgoing or low tide so you can enjoy a good amount of sand to walk along as you spot the huge array of coastal and seabird species.

Chilli Beach has a wonderful campsite that is immersed in nature, and one that we think should be a must-stay if you’re visiting this gorgeous secluded beach. Around the campsite and along the beaches you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of this place. During the day, you can expect to see little terns, sea eagles, palm cockatoos, green parrots and large black parrots. While at night, you may be lucky enough to spot glimpses of owls, Papuan frogmouths, giant tree geckos and sugar gliders in the neighbouring national park and campsite area.

Ellis Beach, Cairns

Next up on our best beaches in tropical North Queensland list is the picturesque and peaceful Ellis Beach. Think of long stretches of white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water… This sums Ellis Beach up perfectly. The small coastal town has some awesome activities for those looking for a little adventure in their north Queensland holiday. From hang gliding off from Rex Lookout to spending the day with crocs at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, this part of tropical North Queensland will get you out of your comfort zone and will leave you with life-long memories. There is also dolphin and turtle watching and great fishing on offer, making this a great place to visit for the whole family.

One of our favourite spots to camp when visiting Ellis Beach is Ellis Beach Oceanfront Bungalow. As the name suggests, this accommodation is right on the water and has a range of campsites to choose from, as well as full amenities and a swimming pool.

Frangipani Beach (Pajinka), Cape York

Frangipani Beach is Australia’s most northerly beach and is a wonderful spot to explore on your trip up north. Located on the western side of Cape York, this beach offers a beautiful one-kilometre walk all the way to the tip of Cape York - a must-have photo experience. If you’re looking for a place to stay up here, then we recommend booking into Cape York Camping Punsand Bay. This is the ultimate base for your Cape York adventure and is a beachfront campground that has a range of accommodation options, as well as a restaurant and bar that overlooks the golden sand beach and turquoise waters.

Pajinka Beach - TEQ Visual Gallery.jpgImage Source: TEQ Visual Gallery

Noah Beach, Daintree

If you’re looking for an epic beach camping spot, then we have the place for you! Noah Beach in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest is one of those places you visit that you’ll never forget. Around here, you’ll find a huge selection of breathtaking walks and hikes for all levels of fitness and experience. As well as that, you’ll have the opportunity to spot some incredible Australian wildlife.

The campground at Noah Beach invites you to camp under the forest canopy and wake to the sounds of the ocean as the beach is an easy 50m stroll away. The campground is closed each year during the rainy season which is from the first Sunday after New Year’s Day until Good Friday. Your Britz camper will ensure you’re comfortable during your stay, plus there are composting toilets available at the site.

Noah Beach, Daintree National Park - TEQ Visual Gallery.jpgImage Source: TEQ Visual Gallery

Emmagen Beach, Cape Tribulation

Next up on our list is Emmagen Beach, and it’s no surprise why. This tropical oasis is the perfect blend of spectacular white sandy beaches and rainforest swimming holes. There is so much to see and do, and we think it should be a must-do on your Queensland road trip itinerary.

Emmagen Beach is located five kilometres north of Cape Tribulation and is the perfect spot to be immersed in nature. There are beautiful beach walks that you can enjoy. However swimming is not advised due to potentially lurking crocodiles. Although, when you feel like heading into the rainforest and cooling off, then Emmagen Creek is the place to go. This is the ultimate swimming in the rainforest experience and features refreshing water and water-eroded rocks that are surrounded by dense rainforests. When it comes to places to stay in this area, you can’t go past Cape Tribulation Camping. They have beachfront campsites that are nestled between the reef and the rainforest.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

Situated on the picturesque Fitzroy Island is Nudey Beach. This is one of those quintessential tropical North Queensland beaches that we are sure you’ve seen photos of before, especially since it was named tropical North Queensland’s ‘most photographed beach.’ With pristine white sand and coral beaches and crystal clear blue waters, this island beach is sure to capture your heart.

Nudey Beach invites you to relax and unwind in its friendly vibes. You can laze in the sunshine and warmth, or dive in and swim and snorkel amongst the colourful sea life. Plus, since you don’t have to go far offshore to find incredible sea life, this spot is perfect for all ages. Incredible wildlife spotting is also on offer including an array of bird life, sneaky goannas and cheeky bats. The campground on Fitzroy Island features stunning campsites as well as basic amenities and is easily accessible from Nudey Beach.

Nudey Beach - TEQ Visual Gallery.jpgImage Source: TEQ Visual Gallery

Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation

Myall Beach is situated where the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet. This breathtaking part of the world will leave you speechless at its pure natural beauty, plus there are some great activities for you to enjoy when there. Walking along Myall Beach will be a beautifully peaceful experience that you won’t want to end. For those looking for a little more adventure, a beach ride on a horse will be the way to go. On this horse ride, you’ll be guided through the Daintree Forest before exploring the beautiful coastline of Myall Beach. Plus, no previous experience is needed, and children as young as 10 are welcome to join, making this a great family-friendly experience. After a day of exploring, you can then park up your Britz campervan at Cape Tribulation Camping, where you’ll find powered and unpowered sites right on the beach.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

The last on our list of best beaches in Tropical North Queensland is Four Mile Beach. With long golden sand beaches, crystal clear gentle water and swaying palm trees, Four Mile Beach is a wonderful spot to visit when in and around Port Douglas. From scenic walks and rock pool hopping to kite surfing lessons and safe swimming waters, there truly is so much to love about this incredible spot.

After a day enjoying all that Four Mile Beach has to offer, we recommend booking into Tropic Breeze Caravan Park. This caravan park is just a minute's walk from the beach and five minutes from the town centre of Port Douglas, making this a great location that the whole family are sure to love.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas - TEQ Visual Gallery.jpgImage Source: TEQ Visual Gallery

Ready to jump in a campervan and explore Queensland beaches?

So there you have it! Our top beaches in Tropical North Queensland that we think are a must-see on your next Australian campervan holiday. From secluded white sandy beaches to picturesque swimming holes, there is so much natural beauty that is ready to be explored. If you can’t wait to hit the road, then book a campervan with Britz today! You might even find an awesome deal on campervan hire, so don’t forget to check out our great deals to make your next holiday even better.