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How to choose the perfect road trip itinerary for your Australian adventure


Planning an Australian road trip by campervan, but not sure where to go to make the most of it? We understand! A well-planned road trip itinerary planner can make all the difference to your holiday. So it’s worth taking the time to do a little research on where to stay, how to avoid the crowds, how to choose the right campervan and more. Fortunately, we’ve done it all for you.

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Download thl’s road trip app

The first thing you can do to make planning your road trip itinerary easy is to download the thl Roadtrip app. This useful app is a campervan traveller’s best friend. Not only will it help you plan your Australian road trip, it also comes in very handy along the way. Here are just a few of the great features:

  • Book your campsites: This makes planning your road trip itinerary super easy. Search along your planned route and pre-book campsites, holiday parks, and even attractions directly within the app.
  • Offline maps: Going out of Wi-Fi range but need maps? The app’s maps work offline. Just save them first and you can access them anytime.
  • Where’s the nearest …? Need to find a supermarket, campsite, dump station, or laundromat? The thl Roadtrip app uses your GPS location to show you where to find all these and more.
  • A show-through video of your campervan. You’ll be able to see what it looks like and where to find everything.
  • How-to videos: Not sure how to empty a toilet cassette or set up the dining table? No problem, we’ve covered everything you need to know in our how-to video section. Very handy!

Download for iPhone here or Android here.


Choose your destination wisely

Deciding on your destination is one of the most important factors when it comes to planning the perfect road trip itinerary. You may be dreaming about relaxing in peace on that idyllic beach, only to arrive and discover it’s absolutely packed with throngs of holidaymakers. If you’re keen on some peace and quiet, here are a few tricks to help:

Avoid the coast

Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. That means they often attract visitors from near and far in the peak season. Especially during school holiday periods. If you’re hoping for a little more peace and quiet, consider heading inland. Riverside and lakeside locations are likely to be less crowded but still allow your family to make the most of camping by the water with activities such as fishing, swimming, and kayaking.

Head to a national park

Australia’s national parks are beacons for campervan travellers due to their natural beauty and varied activities. But thanks to their sheer size, and the fact that many have multiple campsites to choose from, you’re likely to find a quiet patch for yourself. Once you get there, the family will love getting out and about in nature and experiencing activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paddling, or meeting the local wildlife.

Go north

Summers are hot in Australia; there’s no denying that. And that explains why many campervan travellers head south for their summer holidays. So, if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, consider heading north into ‘off-season’ to discover some of Australia’s northern gems. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, mozzie spray, and a hat.

Drive further afield

About two-thirds of Australians live in one of our capital cities. So, you can see why the busiest campgrounds are often those within cooee of the city. Most families prefer a short drive to their destination, meaning less time on the road. If you’ve got time to travel further away from the city on your holiday, chances are, it’ll be a lot less crowded.

Pick the right campervan for your needs

Looking at campervans for hire for your Australian road trip? You will have noticed there are many different sizes and types to choose from. Choosing the right campervan is important to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you’ll need to factor in when thinking about which campervan is right for you:

Consider how many people are coming with you

Britz has a range of campervans suitable for different-sized families. Each includes shower, toilet, and kitchen facilities. Many of our campervans are ideal for booster seats and other car restraints.

  • 2+1 Venturer Plus: Perfect for smaller families, this campervan is designed for two adults and one child.
  • 4-berth Voyager: Great for small families on a budget – sleeps four people in two comfortable beds.
  • 4-berth Explorer: The ultimate freedom machine. This larger motorhome has plenty of room for Mum, Dad, and the kids.
  • 4-berth Discovery: With a dinette that converts to a double bed and a drop-down double bed above it, this space-saving camper will be super popular for a family of four.
  • 6-berth Frontier: Our biggest motorhome with ample room for up to six.

Determine how much storage space you’ll need

One of the great benefits of travelling by campervan is being able to bring all your must-haves with you. Have a think about what items you want to bring on your holiday as this will help determine the amount of storage space you need. For example, if you plan on bringing surfboards, fishing gear, bikes etc, you’ll need to look for a larger campervan, even if there are only 2-3 of you travelling.

Decide which in-built facilities you need on board

The style of camping you prefer is also a key factor in deciding which campervan is right for you. Are you keen to freedom camp? Or will you be staying at holiday parks?

If you are staying at holiday parks, you may be happy to have a campervan without a toilet and shower as the campground will have these facilities. One of our 2-Berth HiTop or 2-Berth Action Pod campervans could be ideal.

However, if you are freedom camping, bathroom facilities are must-haves. Depending on how many travellers you have on board, you may like to choose from our 2+1 Venturer Plus or the 4-Berth Discovery. We have plenty of other campervans available with full bathroom facilities on board.


Decide how long you are able to travel for

When planning your road trip itinerary, you’ll need to think about how long your road trip should be. For instance, if you only have a week, you’ll need to choose a realistic itinerary that fits this timeframe. You’ll also take your budget into account and tailor your trip length to suit this.


Consider seasonality when booking your road trip

Decide what is most important to you on your road trip. Do you want to avoid the crowds and the hottest time of year? Or would you rather embrace the sunshine and the visitor-heavy seasons? Here are some handy tips for getting the most out of your holiday:

Book ahead

If you’re planning to travel during peak seasons or school holidays, it’s vital to book ahead. The last thing you want is to drive from one campsite to another finding they’re all booked out. And that’s very likely to happen if you haven’t made a booking. Even during off-season periods, it’s wise to play safe and secure your booking early.

Travel during off-peak seasons

If you want to avoid crowds of holidaymakers, the off-peak season may be your best time to travel Australia. It can also end up being cheaper, as prices usually ramp up during popular tourist seasons.

June to August is best for budget travel, with tourist numbers at their lowest. December to February is the hot, peak season that is usually busier with tourists.

Itinerary ideas by state

Need some great road trip itinerary ideas for your chosen state? With so many incredible Australian destinations it can be hard to know where to start (and where to finish). We’ve done the hard work for you and have loads to choose from. Read on and check out some of our top itineraries to help you plan the perfect Australian road trip.

Western Australia

Spanning over 2.5 million square kilometres, Western Australia is our biggest state. This picturesque, rugged state is home to sprawling outback, ancient Aboriginal rock art, beautiful coastlines, and the fabulous city of Perth.

Our top pick for a Western Australia road trip is the Coral Coast Highway itinerary. Spanning 10 days, this awesome adventure takes you from Perth to Exmouth, hugging the coastline all the way. Highlights include the Pinnacles Desert, the Hutt Lagoon pink lake, and the Monkey Mia dolphins of Ningaloo.

Check out more popular routes in Western Australia.


From the bustling city vibe of Melbourne and Sydney to the ever-changing landscape of the Great Otway National Park, the state of Victoria is bursting with fantastic things to see and do.

The road trip from Sydney to Melbourne makes for an awesome extended family holiday. You’ll have the chance to check out some of Victoria’s stunning national parks and reserves, breathtaking ocean scenery, and loads of great towns along the way.

Looking for more great Victoria road trip itineraries? Check out some of these popular routes.


An island all to itself, right at the bottom of Australia, Tasmania is brimming with natural beauty and unique wildlife. In fact, almost half of Tasmania consists of protected national parks, reserves, and World Heritage wilderness. This is a truly wild and wonderful part of Australia to explore in a campervan.

If you’ve got 9-10 days set aside, we recommend the ultimate self-drive tour of Tasmania itinerary. Some of the great highlights include swimming at Honeymoon Bay, seeing the sunrise at Dove Lake, and a Wild Oceans cruise. We’ve included plenty of great campsites and holiday parks to stay at along the way.

Keen to see more of Tassie? Check out these popular routes in Tasmania.

South Australia

With more than 200 cellar doors throughout the state, South Australia is a wine lover's dream road trip destination. But of course, there’s so much more than a good tipple to discover. Venture into the Flinders Ranges and the unforgettable outback. Explore the boutique city of Adelaide or wind your way along the picturesque coastline.

Our top pick for a southern roadie is the South Australia Coastal Way itinerary. You’ll start your adventure in Adelaide before heading to the peaceful seaside village of Port Vincent. Sample oysters in Stansbury. Enjoy the seclusion of Dhilba Guurdana Innes National Park. Visit the ghost town of Inneston. And so much more.

There’s plenty more to see in do in the South. Check out more popular routes in South Australia.

Ready to go on the best Australia road trip ever?

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