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6 Tips For Planning Your Australian Campervan Roadtrip


If it’s your first time going on an Australian campervan roadtrip, planning your holiday is new and exciting. That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible – so here are some tips that’ll make your choices even easier to make.

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1. Know the best time to go

Northern Australia is best in the winter (May to September), for its dry 4WD season (yes there’s a 4WD season). You can hire a Britz Safari Landcruiser 4WD campervan and see the sights without worrying about the heat so much.

If you like the heat, book your trip around the rest of Australia between December and February, when summer is at its peak. Meanwhile, spring and autumn are the sweet spots of travel: not too hot, not too cold. These are fine times for family holidays, winery visiting and relaxing in holiday parks.

2. Avoid major holidays if possible

If you’re planning to travel during school holidays, Christmas (18th Dec to 18th Jan) or Easter, you should book your campervans and holiday parks three to six months before your trip. Of course, travelling outside of these major holiday periods is easier and often much cheaper but, if you need to, book before everything gets snapped up by other like-minded travellers.

3. Know how long each drive will take

Australia’s a big place. So before you get there, take some time to understand the distance and driving times, as you’ll need to plan ahead for longer drives. Especially when the beautiful Australian wildlife love being out on the roads at dawn, dusk and at night. Which is why we recommend driving during the day. You'll find some useful distance calculators like this one online, which can be very helpful in the planning stages.

4. Know the tourist activities you want to go for

The Roadtrippers app will help you find amazing experiences and activities, things to do and places to visit. Nothing beats travelling like a local, especially on a camper holiday. Try to pre-book the more touristy attractions early before they all get snapped up!

5. Consider camping

Camping is a timeless tradition. Whether you’re with family or friends, sleeping beneath the stars and cooking on make-shift barbecues is an incredible way to spend your drive holiday.

You might want to research some choice camping spots or BIG4 Holiday Parks along your journey to stop off at and reacquaint yourself with the alluring Southern Cross.

For more info on camping, click here.

6. Download the Britz roadtrip app

Learn more and more on the road from our crowd-sourced travel app!

It displays your current GPS location, the nearest campsites and holiday parks, petrol stations, free Wi-Fi, real-time road alerts, supermarkets, toilets and much more. It’s everything you need to know when you’re on the road in Australia, so don’t leave home without it.

Download it here!

Did you know that you are able to travel with hearing impairment in Australia? Take control of your trip and eliminate the hassle of navigating train stations and airports with a hassle free campervan adventure. You can read more tips here.

Planning is just the first step of your experience. Once you've got your first day on the road behind you, you'll feel like a pro. But first, take a look at our range of Britz Campervans and book your adventure!